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I Will ‘Escape’ And ‘I Will Fly’ With This Week’s New Music | Fresh Music Friday

by Guest Contributor

Talla 2XLC & D72 – ‘I Will Fly’

Talla 2XLC returns on his label That’s Trance along with the upcoming D72 aka Dirk Wershofen from Germany for the proglifting 132 BPM vocal trance beauty, ‘I Will Fly’. This track is filled with huge pulsating basslines and energetic, playful kicks that lead to the first breakdown with beautiful female vocal vocals and empowering lyrics supported by soaring strings, luscious synths and emotionally loaded piano chords. The main climax is euphoric but still relaxing adding that special feel-good, summer-in-Ibiza touch to it. With sunkissed sounds and optimistic vocals to sing along to ‘I Will Fly’ is your summer trance favorite!

Kx5 – ‘Escape (Subtronics Remix)’

Kx5 (deadmau5 and Kaskade) turn to Subtronics for the latest official remix of their debut single ‘Escape (feat. Hayla)’, out on mau5trap. For the remix, he brings his one-of-a-kind blend of cutting-edge sound design and hard-hitting bass to Kx5’s glowing track.

Giuseppe Ottaviani x Richard Walters – ‘Keep You Safe’

While Giuseppe Ottaviani’sHorizons [Pt2]’ material continues to have less of a dancefloor emphasis, lean in and there’s no mistaking ‘Keep You Safe’s warping bassy throb and the thump of its kicks. That pulsing energy though is buried Mariana-deep in the track’s bottom end, whilst up top several sub-melodies are drawn fluently together to sonically mirror Richard Walter’s innermost. 

Matoma x A R I Z O N A – ‘Heart So Big (Remixes)’

Inspirational Norwegian DJ and record producer Matoma has released two new remixes for his single ‘Heart So Big’ with electronic dance-pop trio A R I Z O N A. World-renowned Dutch DJ/Producer MOTi puts his eccentric touch on the uplifting single, along with UK-based singer-songwriter and producer Jamie A, the winner of a remix competition hosted by the Matoma co-founded music tech venture Masterchannel. Now, fans from all over the world can enjoy these unique high-quality remixes of the feel-good song of the Summer, 

Mochakk – ‘Da Fonk (feat. Joni)’

“I’m really happy about releasing ‘Da Fonk’ on Nervous! It’s undoubtedly one of the best house tunes I’ve made to date, and being able to make it join the classic tunes on the Nervous catalog is perfect! Happy to be a part of the label’s long history!”


Nicky Romero & NIIKO X SWAE – ‘Easy’

Nicky Romero teamed up with American Los Angeles-based producers NIIKO X SWAE for their new track ‘Easy’, an upbeat and feel-good fusion of pop and dance music. With dynamic melodies and soulful vocals, the summer anthem brings to mind happy and simple mes that will forever remain favorite memories.

Alesso x Deniz Koyu – ‘In My Feelings’

Swedish producer and global dance star Alesso teams up with Deniz Koyu on the new smoky single ‘In My Feelings’. 

Satori – ‘Djelem, Djelem (feat. Esma Redžepova)’

On ‘Djelem, Djelem‘ many worlds come together, from Satori’s musical roots to his distinctive performances that make him a household name on international festival stages. Serbian festival EXIT, awarded ‘Best Festival in Europe’ multiple times, contacted him during the Corona pandemic with a recording of legendary Roma singer Esma Redžepova, who died in 2016. After her son gave permission, Satori set out to work with her music to create the soundtrack for the re-birth of the festival. The result is ‘Djelem, Djelem’.

Drake – ‘Honestly Nevermind (Wax Motif Remixes)’

Drake is one of my favorite artists, so when I heard he dropped a house album I streamed it immediately. After listening to ‘Tie That Binds’, I heard a clubbier version in my head and flipped that one first. But then I got carried away and spent 48 more hours in the studio remixing other records, whittling six down to four [‘Honestly Nevermind (Wax Motif Remixes)’] for you guys to hear.”

Wax Motif 

Aviella – ‘SOLO’

Aviella’s latest offering ‘SOLO’ pairs a fun progressive house production with uplifting lyrics that reveal a girl’s night out alone on the dancefloor. ‘SOLO’ shows off Aviella’s sassy songwriting and empowering lyrics about being independent and in control of your life, a theme which is prevalent in most of her releases.

Golden Features – ‘Touch’

Touch’ encapsulates everything Golden Features took away from his invigorating stint in Berlin. A track that’s both moody and light, layered with pulsating rhythm, hypnotic beats and the dwelling deep and wispy vocals of female Australian singer Rromarin.

Andrew Mathers – ‘Abantu’

Tech house with a Latin twist is the mixology of Amsterdam’s Andrew Mathers, and ‘Abantu’ is his hot sauce special made to make your mouth water. Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano and Claptone have lapped up Mathers’ potent cocktails, here connecting ass-shaking bass, classic piano stabs and diva loops addressing the terrace, and achieving a eureka moment for the funkiest of summer soundtracks. Grab a glass of the good stuff, grab a dancing partner ready to go, and get all about ‘Abantu’. 

AIKON – ‘Legends’

“I started the project not long before the war began. I just sat drinking tea at a café on a local avenue listening and watching the beat of – what was then – a happy, vibrant city. I went back into the studio and distilled it into an EP [‘Legends’], fusing my favourite traits – broken rhythms, Moog synths, vocoders and more – to create a body of work that represents Kyiv as much as myself. It is a musical snapshot of a city we all long to return to.”


Mats Westbroek – ‘Clear Skies Ahead (feat. Nicosax)’

Happy times are on the horizon says Mats Westbroek: with his latest blissed out piece of Balearica focusing on lavish sax, ‘Clear Skies Ahead’ is a forecast putting him in everyone’s good books. With the world-renowned Nicosax classily putting in work, sunset horns snaking and drifting as The Netherlands producer honours a classic sound of the 90s, VIPs and red carpet movers and shakers have their soundtrack for the year as Westbroek chills from house’s mountaintop. 

Lewis Ofman – ‘Nails Matching My Fit’

On Lewis Ofman’sNails Matching My Fit’, cavernous UK bass wallows and vibrates as sirens rhythmically scratch, and flashing vocals explain the merits of coordinating an outfit to a manicure.

Starya – ‘Manipulator’

Starya returns to Popgang Records with her sophomore single ‘Manipulator’. The bloghouse-inspired, warehouse rave banger beckons listeners from the edge of their seats to the dancefloor, helmed by Starya’s hypnotic, commanding voice.

Sevenn x Ilkay Sencan – ‘Blind Side (feat. Patrik Jean)’

“When I first heard the vocal for ‘Blind Side’ after Ilkay sent it to me, I immediately fell in love and started building a structure around it, giving it a deeper and more dramatic vibe. Curiously, I did a lot of the work using only laptop speakers while in my laundry area, just to get a different flavor creatively. The song mixes progressive deep house vibes with a new kind of sound and a syncopated lead that carries you into a sonically fascinating world. We’re thrilled about our first collab and can’t wait for release day!”


Hyenah – ‘Love In Times Of Crisis’

Member of the RISE collective and label co-founder Hyenah returns to his RISE imprint this July with a debut album: ‘Love In Times Of Crisis’. The twelve-track LP contains twelve individual collaborations, featuring a global selection of artists. 

La Torre Ibiza – ‘Volumen Cuatro’

Mark Barrott and Pete Gooding present the fourth volume (‘Volumen Cuatro’) in their series of stellar collections, showcasing the sunset sounds spun at Ibiza`s Hostal La Torre. Sets, sequences, of music designed to celebrate the passing of another day and welcome the pleasures of night, as the Sun makes way for Sister Moon. 

*Featured image via Subtronics, Mochakk, Spag Heddy and Wax Motif*

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