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‘I Want You’ To Listen To This Week’s New Music Because It Surely Will Not ‘Let You Down’ | Fresh Music Friday

by Fresh Music Freaks Staff

Ultra – ‘Free (Talla 2XLC & Para X Remix)’

The massive trance classic ‘Free’ by Ultra was released back in 2000. Now, Talla 2XLC and his partner in crime Para X have remixed ‘Free’ in the best possible fashion, ready for the big uplifting trance sets released on Technoclub Retro. Techy groovy beats, playful percussion, bouncy basslines, thumping beats and great drive with two very solid breakdowns with the main hair raising melody and the well-known spoken vocal sample. Tech-trance and great uplifting vibes in one explosive version let you feel ‘Free’ to enjoy good times on Technoclub Retro.

Chicane – ‘Make You Stay (Back Pedal Brakes Remixes)’

Experimenting with a variety of musical styles, Chicane provides two new mixes of his original ‘Make You Stay’. Entering a vast sonic environment in the Widescreen Remix, the original is transformed and brims with texture and grace. Moving into the Big Room Remix, heavy percussion and a hard-hitting bassline are juxtaposed by majestic synths and soaring vocals. This remix pack demonstrates his endless production abilities, as he allows his fans further into the depths of his masterful mind.

ReOrder x Jordan Tobias pres. Crowd+Ctrl – High (feat. Ben Thrills)’

Entering a brooding realm, ReOrder and Jordan Tobias deliver a new gem under their Crowd+Ctrl moniker called ‘High’ featuring Ben Thrills. Juxtaposing a deep bassline with soaring vocals, this dancefloor-ready cut crafts a mysterious sonic environment, which will keep listeners coming back for more.

Rub!k – ‘Air’

Crafting a heavy-hitting trance masterpiece, Rub!k returns to the A State Of Trance label with ‘Air’. Blending room-filling synth stabs with dramatic percussion, this head-turning creation has all the hallmarks of a festival anthem, and further demonstrates Rub!k’s emphatic production prowess.

Talla 2XLC & Yakooza – ‘City 2 City (Shadym Remix)’

The unstoppable upcoming Shadym has unleashed his own excellent version of ‘City 2 City’ which packs rough relentless heavy kicks, raw moody basslines and distorted vocal samples. An incredible, long breakdown that unleashes that threatening fearful dark hook leading to his ultra-tight earth shaking climax that adds some cool trancy synths to make it very accessible for trance audiences as well.

Cosmic Gate x Diana Miro – ‘Blame (Pavel Khvaleev Remix)’

Through his remix, Pavel Khvaleev delivered a masterclass in contrast. He channels the original version of Cosmic Gate’sBlame’s more subterranean tones, daring — if anything — to take their sonics that much further into the depths. Come the drop though, and through pad and chord he brings degrees of warmth and magnetism to Diana Miro’s words. Brightening it (albeit momentarily) with melody, it brings greater meaning (and relatable empathy) to her song.

Alan Fitzpatrick – ‘A Call Out For Love (feat. LOWES)’

UK techno legend Alan Fitzpatrick gears up for the release of his first album in over a decade, ‘Machine Therapy’, out November 12 on Anjunadeep. The fourth single to drop from the new album is ‘A Call Out for Love (feat. LOWES)’. A brooding melodic house track, ‘A Call Out For Love’ weaves a sweeping arpeggiator with the soaring vocals of the Manchester band’s lead vocalist, Evie Plumb.

Eco – ‘Let You Down’

If there’s one element no Eco track’s ever been short of, it’s mood, and ‘Let You Downs not about to become the exception! If anything Marcello upticks that aspect again, using a thumping but decidedly progressive chassis to direct intricately atmospheric layers of sound towards cooler clubfloors. Its indie-rock-ish vocal, subtlest of pianos trims, (far more foreground) guitar elements, pin-sharp percussion and more sombre synths all assemble to bring it a draw-you-in appeal. 

Black Caviar – ‘Thrill Seeker’

Grammy-nominated DJ-producer Black Caviar debut on iconic dance music label Nervous Records with new single ‘Thrill Seeker’. Combining jackin’ house beats with seductive French vocals, ‘Thrill Seeker’ is a slick house bomb ready to detonate on the dancefloor.

Mild Minds – ‘Haunted’

“I think we had all spent a part of 2020 contemplating a lot about our own lives, while feeling a general sense of darkness looming over whether we’d be losing loved ones, or not. For a lot of us we did. The heaviness of it all led me to explore more melancholic themes in my music. I found myself breaking down all of the shades that might be associated with melancholy; exploring death, loss, rebirth, and the associated beauty. This ultimately led me to wanting to use flowers on the artwork, being something that both dies and blooms again each year. At the same time I was re-learning piano, or even in a way properly learning piano. It was such a rush to be feeling the music through touch and finding an ability to speak through it. I found myself playing a set of similar chords over and over through the first half of the year; verses, choruses, outros. Slowly but surely, this song formed from a combination of those. This was immediately one of my favorite tracks I’ve ever written.”

Mild Minds on ‘Haunted

PitBull – ‘I Know You Want Me (Helion Remix)’

In honor of Ultra Records 25th anniversary, Mr. 305 himself is checking in for the remix. Ultra Records continues their celebrations with the release of Pitbull’s international smash ‘I Know You Want Me’ as remixed by Sweden’s Helion.

Imanbek x Hollywood Undead – ‘Runaway’

Platinum-selling, genre-bending LA trailblazers Hollywood Undead team up with Kazakh-born, GRAMMY-winning electronic producer Imanbek for a brand-new single, ‘Runaway’. An unexpected collaboration, ‘Runaway’ is the product of pandemic-time creativity and mutual respect of each other’s craft with a hooky melody and message that transcends any border.

Jan Blomqvist x Bloom Twins – ‘High On Beat (Sian Remix)’

Deep within a rolling bassline, you’ll find Sian’s remix of ‘High On Beat’, drawing a line from the recesses of techno and emerging into deep house, triumphantly transforming the original track created by Bloom Twins and Jan Blomqvist. This is for the dark of the night, as temptations draw near and the beat increases in both volume and soul.

Frank Zummo – ‘On My Mind (feat. Grabbitz)’

Known most prominently as the drummer in Sum 41 since 2016, Frank Zummo has spent 2021 bringing his extensive rock and drumming expertise to dance music. The latest step in this crossover is the release of ‘On My Mind’ featuring Grabbitz, which marks Zummo’s sixth release on Jauz’s Bite This! label this year. ‘On My Mind’ shows Frank on drums, with co-production from FourNames and Grabbitz, as Grabbitz’s vocals tell an emotional story of having a lost lover on your mind. The accompanying music video gives fans a look into what Zummo’s new solo drumming act would look like.

NightNight – ‘Maybe It’s Too Late’

“When writing this, my mind was really fixated on the long legacy of artists who managed to make tragic music danceable. The whole album was at one point titled ‘Maybe It’s Too Late’ because, at the time, I believed that. Maybe it was too late for a particular relationship, for my own redemption, for the world we live in. Hopefully, I was wrong.”


Wave Racer – ‘To Stop From Falling Off The Earth’

Sydney-turned-Melbourne producer Wave Racer today releases his long awaited debut album, ‘To Stop From Falling Off The Earth’, out via Eora/Sydney-based tastemaker label Astral People Recordings. ‘To Stop From Falling Off The Earth’s eleven tracks blend together the rush of his trademark glistening, ecstatic 64-bit production with Wave Racer’s love of quirk-driven pop and, in a first, his own voice, to tell a story of overcoming anxiety, depression, and isolation. Retaining his trademark bubbliness with tongue-in-cheek production — even as the album tackles bigger demons — ‘To Stop From Falling Off The Earth’ uncovers an emotional depth to Wave Racer’s music that has patiently, quietly matured alongside Tom Purcell, the man behind the moniker.

Supertaste – ‘Devil’s Disco Halloween Mixtape’

Brooklyn-based indie-disco specialists Supertaste return with a brand-spankin’-new mix primed for a spooky Halloween night. The Supertaste ‘Devil’s Disco Halloween Mixtape’ is a 60-minute journey through the darker sides of funk and electronic. Drawing inspiration from classic horror films and their love for all things spooky, this Halloween mixtape is perfect for your All Hallow’s Eve celebration wherever it may be.

Waveshaper – ‘The Phantom Machine’

“‘The Phantom Machine’ is a synthwave short film. The movie is made by Helios Films and directed by Jendo Shabo. The movie is a science fiction horror story that will make this Halloween special for synthwave fans.”


Husko – ‘Feel The Heat’

If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen – but if you’re fly enough to ‘Feel The Heat’, you’ve got a hot one on your hands. Husko hits a summer house home run slash disco slam dunk, opening with a punkish bassline and then introducing a killer double act that cements the track’s status as absolutely boogiesome. Diva wisdom on vocals – keeping matters pushin’ on but never a pushover – and a gloriously glam Rhodes groove stuffed on soul food, get Husko’s beats cooking, the results earning chef’s kisses all round.

UZ – ‘Trinity (Deluxe Edition)’

Almost exactly a year following his late 2020 ‘Trinity’ LP release, French DJ and producer UZ returns to the release trenches with a deluxe, remix-packed mix version of the groundbreaking album. The Trinity (Deluxe Edition)’ mix LP includes a stunning blend of the original Trinity LP track listing, two new original tracks, and eleven exclusive remixes from the likes of prestigious talent in the bass and trap sphere. 

Moody Jones x Santino Le Saint – ‘SCORPIO’

Egyptian-Canadian DJ and producer Moody Jones has joined forces with South London artist Santino Le Saint on new single ‘SCORPIO’. Inspired by heartbreak at the hands of the sultry star sign, ‘SCORPIO’ is an R&B-infused UK Garage heater, combining bumping 2-step beats and low-slung bass with Santino’s soaring vocals.

Daniel Allan – ‘Say What You Want’

Following the release of his ‘On The Bright Side’ EP, Daniel Allan has since ideated a nuanced way of developing not only his art but music projects as a whole. The LA-based producer is back with his new single ‘Say What You Want (feat. DEEGAN), the lead single from his upcoming EP, ‘Overstimulated’.

Pat Lok x Party Pupils – ‘I Want You / Alaska’

Two of the ultimate groove-starters, Pat Lok and Party Pupils return to Club Sweat with the funkiest of double A-sides in ‘I Want You / Alaska’. Endeavouring to deliver that effervescent feeling both in the comfort of one’s home or out rubbing shoulders with like-minded banger-seeking enthusiasts, the pair have channelled the rhythm and groove that has become synonymous with their productions. The double A-side kicks off with ‘I Want You’ a melodic piano house production, that combined with energy-filled warped vocals turn the funk up to 100, before adding an extra layer of bounce with ‘Alaska’, a track that will undoubtedly find residence soundtracking those sunsetting, open-air affairs.  


PENNYWILD strives to create electronic productions that embody Los Angeles’ queer nightlife scene, as well as represent the beauty of the dancefloor and its wonderful inhabitants. Now, in anticipation of her forthcoming ‘NIGHT PEOPLE’ EP — itself a love letter to underground drag, rave, and ball culture — she presents ‘SIDE STREETS (REMIXES)’, a project of new interpretations of the EP’s lead single.

*Featured image via Eco, Party Pupils, Pat Lok, and Frank Zummo*

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