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I ‘Want U’ To ‘Close Your Eyes’ And Just Listen To This Week’s New Music | ICYMI Monday

by Guest Contributor

Talla 2XLC – ‘Eternal Spirit’

Eternal Spirit by Talla 2XLC on That’s Trance utilizes the stunning melody from the Pete Namlook project 4 Voice’s original release back in the 90’s. Talla 2XLC services a wonderful mixture of psy-tech with uplifting and even old school trance sounds. A solid intro leads to a big breakdown that reveals a beloved synthy hook that’s effective and brings tears to your eyes and raises the hair on your back instantly. It creates a sense of urgency on the dancefloor that always manages to grab the attention of clubbers. Talla 2XLC once again respects what he touches with his hands and elevates the ‘Eternal Spirit’ to a miraculous peak time monster uplifting future trance classic.

Chicane – ‘Sailing (BPB Remix)’

Sporting a crisp arrangement, the Back Pedal Brakes Remix of Chicane’s recent album single ‘Sailing’ is even more enchanting than the original version. Built around a mesmerizing breakdown steeped in Balearic feel, this rendition instantly reserves a spot on many a fan’s shortlist.

Krewella x BEAUZ – ‘Never Been Hurt’

The ladies of Krewella make a strong return to the scene with their new original release – ‘Never Been Hurt’, in collaboration with the Asian-American duo BEAUZ. The sisters take an exploratory approach to their traditionally hard-hitting sound with a pop and deep house style on the track, which begins with a groovy and yet grimy bassline reminiscent of UK garage sounds. The subtler melodies let the song’s vocals shine through as Krewella brings their A-game with sultry lyrics and a distorted vocal chorus.

KSHMR x Tungevaag – ‘Close Your Eyes’

Tungevaag and I have been trying to make a song for a long time. When he sent me the vocal for ‘Close Your Eyes’ I knew it was the one, and I tried so many ideas for the production. It didn’t feel quite right until we added the flute; that was the eureka moment for me, the moment it felt like a KSHMR song mixed with Tungevaag’s signature touch.”


Ferry Corsten – ‘Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass’

A brooding cut of otherworldly proportions, Ferry Corsten’s latest on Flashover Recordings instantly hits the sweet spot between nostalgia and modern sound properties. Spearheaded by thumping, Techno-inspired kick drums and a thick bassline that completely overwhelms the senses, ‘Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass’ will surely lift off on the dance floor.

Armin van Buuren x The Stickmen Project – ‘No Fun’

Sticking its tongue out to those who kill the mood, Armin van Buuren and The Stickmen Project’s No Fun’ is set to thrive in any club environment. Complete with edgy vocals, thick synths and strong beats that hammer down without relent, this track is a great indication that playtime is far from over.

Alesso – ‘Somebody To Use’

In a glorious moment of worlds colliding, ‘Somebody To Use’ once again proves Alesso’s incredible talent for merging the massively catchy melodies and raw emotion of pop with the forward-thinking sound design of boundary-pushing dance music. Built on a heavenly backdrop of glistening synth and gorgeously cascading beats, the track surges forward with an unstoppable energy paired with velvety vocals. The result: a full-tilt anthem that invites both total surrender and pure catharsis. Already familiar to fans, Alesso has teased and performed the highly anticipated ‘Somebody to Use’ on his sets for the past two years.

R3HAB x Lukas Graham – ‘Most People’

R3HAB teams up with the GRAMMY-nominated Lukas Graham for his newest single ‘Most People’, which shows the veteran DJ, producer, and label head showcasing his softer sonic side. R3HAB detours from his signature sonic lane to explore a fresh fusion of electronic dance sounds with country and folk vibes, opening with lilting guitar instrumentals that let singer Lukas Forchhammer’s soulful voice shine through. With lyrics about not giving up on love during tough times and an uplifting chorus of organic melodies, ‘Most People’ is a heartfelt song guaranteed to hit you in the feels and remember all of the good times through the bad.

Mikey Lion – ‘I Like To Go Out’

“‘I Like To Go Out’ is my ode to the party scene. I think we all took going out to parties for granted until the pandemic took them away from us. During the lockdowns, it became apparent just how much this music, lifestyle, and community means to all of us. I never feel as good as when I’m on the dance floor with my people, so I wanted to make this track feel as good as possible. I’ll never take going out for granted again.”

Mikey Lion

Dom Dolla – ‘Strangers (feat. Mansionair)’

Having built a dedicated global fanbase with his unique blend of house music, Dom Dolla teams up with the equally adored and celebrated indie-electronic trio, Mansionair. The two worlds of these renowned Australian artists collide for a cinematic and kaleidoscopic journey titled ‘Strangers’, out via Sweat It Out.

Riot Ten – ‘Mawlee (Remixes)’

From wonky basslines to transic house groove and tearout dubstep, Riot Ten displays his expansive sonic artillery and promotes a new and rising class of artists. Remixes from Chassi & Jiqui satisfy the riddim ear with thrilling bounce while Godlands & Dr. Fresch introduce the house scene to the ‘Mawlee’ universe. Notably, Stylust’s remix continues the single’s original theme of left-field bass and provides its audience with some tripped out ear candy. Meanwhile, remixes from Typhon & Dr. Ushuu round out the thrilling tracklist with a slew of slaughterous wubs, certain to beckon to headbangers near and far.

John Roberts – ‘Lights Out (Remixes)’

Nu-disco electronic artist John Roberts — who also is an EMMY nominated TV star, LGBTQ icon and comedian best known as the voice of the lovable Linda Belcher on the hit TV show “Bob’s Burgers” — has released a remix package for his 2021 debut album ‘Lights Out’. 

dj poolboi – ‘take me far away’

“One of the first tracks I wrote for the new album ‘stay just a little while longer’ almost 2 years ago. I wanted to expand my sound into new areas of emotion and genre, and experiment with different instruments to capture a feeling of frenetic dissociation I began to feel at the time of its writing. I wrote it [‘take me far away’] out of a need to begin a new era in my music and my life.”

dj poolboi

Casual T – ‘Intoxicated’

Continuing his 2021 hot streak, Austin-based DJ/producer Casual T returns to the forefront of emerging electronic talent with his new single ‘Intoxicated’.  A mesmerizing indie-electronic gem with distorted vocals and an emotional rhythm arrangement. 

Taras van de Voorde – ‘Want U’

A feat of engineering given ‘Want U’ is a slow burner reaching heady heights in just over three minutes, Taras van de Voorde tinkers with the essence of classic house. As hypnotic as he is down to earth, the Rotterdam producer is clear-cut in his execution – vocal and piano loops provide a natural warmth, while a bass metronome and thudding beats take it back to basics: all put through an old skool prism so that the flavours wash over you. Need a quick house cleanse to lose yourself in? Look no further.

Highway Superstar – ‘Contraband’

“The album is predominantly retro in nature, but I drew inspiration from a wide spectrum of influences. It’s important to me that the songs have a wide variety to them so that the listener is rewarded with an experience that takes them to different places – from modern electronic pop takes, to indie cuts, to instrumental journeys through the soundscapes. I’m extremely proud of the songs in ‘Contraband’ and the two-year journey it took to create it.”

Highway Superstar

TETSU x Crystal Kay – ‘Say My Name’

Those seeking a daytime house crossover with a touch of smoky mystery to it, need look no further than this Japanese connection. Classically trained pianist-turned-producer TETSU and prolific global performer Crystal Kay gain all important crowd response with a hook to be replicated from playground to podium, and weighty melodies moving effortlessly through a crisp, polished piece of vocal dance. With a nod to Angel City, ‘Say My Name’ gives the impression of trying to play it cool, but subconsciously starts playing on your emotions.

Kasztan – ‘Moonriser’

Moonriser’ begins with an extended introduction that opens the door to the world of Kasztan’s sound palette. Delicate, emotive and evoking dreamlike visuals, Kasztan’s high-twinkling synths and atmospheric soundscapes set a surrealist narrative. The ambient offering quickly takes a foreboding turn with the introduction of a gritty bass synth, and later, a choral-inspired soundscape. Tributing his post-rock roots, Kasztan completes the fantasia with a soft, arpeggiating guitar sequence. A true embodiment of his craft, Kasztan delivers another unforgettable sonic experience with ‘Moonriser’, reflective of the colourful influences he’s been exposed to during his fruitful years in music.

JVNA – ‘Hope In Chaos’

LA-based artist JVNA releases her stunning debut album ‘Hope In Chaos’, a deeply personal and emotive body of work with a unique sonic style drawing from pop, rock, and bass elements. The twelve-track LP explores many of her life experiences, covering a range of sometimes dark elements, including the loss of her father, guilt, love, lust, sexism, and determination.

*Featured image via KSHMR, Krewella, Alesso and Mikey Lion*

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