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I Have A ‘Good Feeling’ That This Week’s New Music Is A ‘Revelation’ | ICYMI Monday

by Guest Contributor

FISHER x Shermanology – ‘It’s A Killa’

FISHER links up with Dutch-Carribean duo Shermanology in his latest single, ‘It’s A Killa’, a driving dancefloor filler of a track. Synths emit a neon buzz as they strobe throughout the song, punctuated by the electric charge of a relentless kick. Shermanology zaps ‘It’s A Killa’ with an extra dose of energy — vocalist Dorothy Sherman effortlessly swaps between slick, gritty  croons, building to the enthralling cries of the song’s title.

Claptone – ‘Feel This Way (Remixes)’

Gettoblaster offers a twisted slant on Claptone’s sophisticated sound, infusing the original with their Chicago and Detroit underground roots into what is a superb, jackin’ remix of ‘Feel This Way’. Andhim delivers a club infused pop remix, with an infectious arrangement, bubbling with bright melodies and a rumbling bass line that’s sure to get any party started. Claptone’s dub mix provides an insatiable groove, ready to storm the dance floors and festival stages.

Ben Böhmer x PBSR – ‘Revelation (Barry Can’t Swim Remix)’

“‘Revelation’ is one of my favorite tracks on the album and I loved working on it with PBSR. As a result, I’m so pleased to kick off the remixes campaign with this playful rework of it from a producer I’m really enjoying at the moment, Barry Can’t Swim.”

Ben Böhmer

Dom Dolla x Mansionair – ‘Strangers (Nora En Pure Remix)’

Swiss DJ and producer Nora En Pure is the latest artist to remix Dom Dolla and Mansionair’s collaborative single ‘Strangers’. Conjuring deep, emotion-driven melodic energy, Nora En Pure’s take on ‘Strangers’ combines pensive synths with passionate vocals and atmospheric big room horns.

John Summit – ‘La Danza’

Chicago’s man-of-the-moment John Summit is back on Defected with his latest heavy hitter ‘La Danza’. True to form, John’s boundless energy is reflected in this fiery, Latin-infused cut that combines his signature chunky bassline, an earworm vocal, and infectious groove ready to dominate killer sound systems across the globe.

Duvall x Sam Gray – ‘Good Feeling’

Duvall returns with new single ‘Good Feeling’ featuring Sam Gray on Armada Music. Tuning in to his signature sound and party roots, Duvall propels his solo career with this feel good dancefloor filler, enlisting vocalist Sam Gray to provide the vocals and deliver a catchy hit bound to be set on repeat this spring.

Kah-Lo – ‘Drag Me Out’

“I’m usually the last one standing at a great party, so ‘Drag Me Out’ is an actual account of how nights like those typically go for me. It’s my very own recklessness anthem.”


Jon Gurd – ‘Emergence’

The announcement of Jon Gurd’s upcoming LP ‘Phoenix’ is paired with the release of the first single ‘Emergence’. Blending intricate melodies with percussive laden grooves, ‘Emergence’ provides a taster for what is to come throughout the ten-track LP.

Frankllin – ‘Melting Skies’

Upstart Londoner Frankllin has garnered nods from labels around the globe, but has opted to team up with Desert Hearts Black for his most ambitious release to date. ‘The Melting Skies’ EP, out March 11, presents three throbbers that follow the imprint’s 2022 pledge to explore the wondrous side of melodic electronic music. This new project from Frankllin provides sonic adventurism for listeners to enjoy on the dancefloor and in headphones.

Mont Duamel – ‘Sunshine’ 

A seven-track release, ‘Sunshine’ is a journey of self-realisation and Mont Duamel’s most personal record to date. Things open with the title track: a glorious melange of electronic elements and acoustic instrumentation that marks the first of five singles on the EP.

Nico Stojan x Tooker – ‘Frisbee’

Berlin native Nico Stojan returns to Crosstown Rebels, this time teaming up with Italian native Tooker. The two track EP entitled ‘Frisbee’ is true to the label, taking the listener on a melodic journey perfectly set for the magical desert of Burning Man or the jungles of Tulum.

Mindchatter – ‘Nothing On Me’

“There’s something addictive about self pity, so a lot of people (including myself) get off on their own sadness. ‘Nothing On Me’ is a reminder to stop dwelling on yourself and start paying attention to the world around you.”


Hermanez – ‘Remedio’

Sound designer, DJ & Producer Hermanez is in constant evolution, always looking for new targets and challenges to experiment with uncommon, innovative languages through music. For his latest imaginative offering, the Belgium-based artist is teaming up with equally whimsical imprint All Day I Dream to send listeners off into sublime grooves via the ‘Remedio’ EP.

Samplifire x Barely Alive – ‘Power Alliance’

Power Alliance’ is the first release from the fifth volume of ‘The Disciple Knights Of The Round Table’ compilations. The track is truly dubstep in its finest form, which makes sense as Samplifire and Barely Alive have proven to be a lethal combination in the past. 

SHÆLIN – ‘Ain’t No Matter (DJ Phantom Remix)’

DJ Phantom’s respectful edit of ‘Ain’t No Matter’ puts the group’s vocal performance front and centre, championing their soulful harmonies and pensive lyricism. Opting to enhance the original’s use of traditional instrumentation, Phantom employs a recurring piano riff and string injections to bring a new perspective to the melody. A master of his craft and with the 90s hip-hop sound intrinsic to his repertoire, the turntablist nods to his roots with subtle, well-positioned scratches. Fostering the technique in a way that revolutionised the art form, the added texture goes far beyond that of a rhythmic or melodic accompaniment; honouring the vinyl as its own instrument. Although the craft has almost entirely disappeared from today’s hip-hop landscape, DJ Phantom proves that these foundational methods are not only still relevant, but essential in crediting the genre’s bedrock. Alongside SHÆLIN’S silky smooth choral moments and solo rap performances, the scratch presents as a sound that is, paradoxically, both nostalgic and yet progressive in this contemporary setting. 

Bar.ba x Odagled – ‘Festival’

Fast-rising Italian DJ and producer Bar.ba teams up with Odagled and lands at Renaissance with ‘Festival’. After laying down an initial sketch at his studio in Spain, Odageld sent the track over to Bar.ba in Bergamo to sprinkle it with his production magic. The result is a record with rare qualities – infectious without being obvious and wholly unique in its refusal to conform to a specific genre.

Holo – ‘In Limbo’

“My favourite band is Radiohead, and this EP takes its name from a song of theirs. I admire them not just because their music is amazing, but also because of how they’ve constantly evolved; it’s not an easy thing to do. I tried to follow their example with this EP [‘In Limbo’], pushing myself towards something unfamiliar, experimenting with new styles, and trying to create something cohesive, different, but that still sounded like me.”


Luno – ‘Planet Luno’

Luno returns with a sophomore sonic offering for 2022, the highly-anticipated 4-track ‘Planet Luno’ EP. The captivating release directly follows up previous collaborative lead singles, such as last November’s ‘Moonlight’, and last month’s ‘I’ll Look After You’. ‘Danger’, the EP’s focus track, sees the burgeoning creative force linking up once again with Kilik, in addition to a collaboration with ALBA on the final tune ‘Rewind’.

Denton x SOHMI – ‘Get To You’

Rising dance music sensation SOHMI and UK premiere house music talent, Josh Butler (under his pseudonym Denton) release their new single, ‘Get To You’ on Sam Divine’s DVINE Sounds label. The collaboration between the two leads us to a fresh, silky, dance floor driven deep house record and marks both artists’ DVINE Sounds debut. Butler describes the Denton project as an outlet to explore his vocal-leaning productions, which is fitting considering the label is known for showcasing the finest vocal cuts within the dance music sphere.

The Chainsmokers – ‘iPad’

The road to their new album continues as The Chainsmokers release their second single of the year, ‘iPad’, today. Written exclusively by Alex and Drew, ‘iPad’ arrives alongside an official video, directed by Kid Studio, that follows Drew throughout New York City as he navigates the multitude of conflicting emotions that follow ending an unhealthy relationship.

*Featured image via Ben Böhmer, The Chainsmokers, FISHER and Claptone*

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