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Hope at Hideaway Festival Fills Void from Bassnectar 808: Be Interactive

by /\bz Groove Machine

As large festivals fade away into the distance, some in the industry are trying to keep the music alive with smaller venues and fewer crowds. Hope at Hideaway 2020 is a communal gathering of music, wellness, and support featuring a stacked line up of local and regional DJs and producers. The three-day festival over the August 7-9 weekend will promote a variety of EDM music as well as health and wellness activities, art, yoga, totem making, a kandi station, yard-style games, a dunk the DJ tank, and even a voter registration table. Although this may be a change of pace from the heavily anticipated Bassnectar 808: Be Interactive 2020, festival-goers will get to experience a more intimate and less packed environment. This EDM camping festival is also located near a popular river tubing area, so attendees can enjoy a casual float down the river in addition to the curated event.

Hope at Hideaway 2020 will be held just down the road from the prior location of Bassnectar 808: Be Interactive 2020, which was supposed to occur over the same weekend before it was canceled and before accusations against Bassnectar were brought into the public eye. In a similar fashion to the fundraising mission of the non-profit, Be Interactive, Hope at Hideaway organizers will be donating all EDM camping festival proceeds to Twin Cities BLM organizations, the local Somerset food shelf, and mental health awareness. Tickets must be purchased separately from the camping experience, but at $25 a festival ticket and $25 per camping attendee per night, the weekend is certainly affordable. Check out the Facebook event for more information, or click the line up below to buy a ticket. The event organizers have announced COVID-19 restrictions, which can be read in full here. Masks will be required at all stages to be in compliance with Wisconsin’s recent mask mandate, and social distancing is encouraged.

Hope at Hideaway festival poster | Image by SIMshows

*Featured Imagine via SIMshows*

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