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‘Hear Me Out’, You’re Gonna Have This Week’s New Music On ‘Replay’ | ICYMI Monday

by Guest Contributor

Cosmic Gate x Diana Miro – ‘Hear Me Out’

Cosmic Gate dial into the emotional depths that underpin ‘Hear Me Out’s song. Drums scud, its bass resonance increases and the metallically-tinted percussion amps the feels, while its pensive synths enhance its whole ‘what-happens-next?’ deal. Music made for those ready to reach further and have it live longer in the mind. 

NGHTMRE – ‘Trials (feat. IDK)’

“The instrumental for ‘Trials’ is something I actually wrote a while ago. It took a long time to find someone I felt could match the energy of the record. Once I listened to IDK’s music for the first time I knew he would be amazing on it. He’s not only an impressive lyricist, but an incredible singer/vocalist as well. He really nailed the vibe perfectly on this one!”


ARTY x Stadiumx – ‘Thousand Lives (feat. Jason Walker)’

In essence, ‘Thousand Lives’ could be considered as one of ARTY and Stadiumx’s best vocal songs to date. Ticking all the boxes of a global fan favorite with the velveteen vocals of Jason Walker, unique harmonies, rousing melody and hands-in-the-air beat drop, this track will soon grace the shortlists of listeners from all over the world.

DJ Tennis x Asher – ‘On My Way Now (feat. Lady Donli)’

DJ Tennis, Ashee and Lady Donli have joined forces on new single ‘On My Own Now’ out on CircoLoco Records. A smooth deep house track laced with Lady Donli’s slick vocals, ‘On My Own Now’ is the perfect track for soundtracking steamy summer evenings.

Alan Morris x Daniel Garrick – ‘Memory Lane’

Alan Morris and Daniel Garrick’s second-ever team-up can only be classified as serious uplifting. From the elegant melodies to the track’s inspired harmonies and overall hopeful demeanor, ‘Memory Lane’ will lift listeners toward cloud nine in seconds.

Jason Ross – ‘Atlas’

The name of the record is eponymous with Jason Ross’ long standing ‘Atlas’ sub-brand and concept – an idea of connectedness and common ground across genres and fans.

SLANDER – ‘Replay (feat. Dylan Matthew)’

“We are so excited to reveal the third ‘Thrive’ album single, ‘Replay’ with Dylan Matthew. We love this song so much, and we feel it is the perfect continuation of our story with Dylan. Look out for another album single coming near the end of the month!  We hope to see you guys on the Thrive tour!”


Miane – ‘For One Night’

Fast-rising DJ and producer Miane has unveiled her new single ‘For One Night’, out on Black Book Records. A pulsating club jam, ‘For One Night’ combines a driving bassline with rousing breakdowns and hypnotic vocals. 

Slushii x Dr. Ozi – ‘Villainy (feat. GLD x Mikey Rotten)’

A Slushii Summer’ continues with this week’s single, ‘Villainy’, a collaboration between Slushii and Dr. Ozi and featuring GLD and Mikey Rotten. This hard-hitting single combines spectral builds with powerhouse rap vocals and explosive Trap drops.

K90 – ‘Chemical Love (Harshil Kamdar Remix)’

Reworking a great classic, 16-year-old talent Harshil Kamdar shows off his skill with his debut release on Armada Captivating. Pushing K90’s twenty-year-old original [‘Chemical Love’] into even more of an uplifting trance dimension with driving bass, charged acid lines and a magnificent lead melody, the India-born, New Jersey-based DJ/producer brings 100% euphoria that will surely wow the global crowd.

jackLNDN – ‘In My Mind (Patterns)’

Uninhibited and alluring vocals grace this intoxicating blend of classic house embellishments. An artist that is not afraid to shine a light on mental health and the human condition, jackLNDN uses these experiences as inspiration for his craft and creates another classic. Nonetheless, ‘In My Mind (Patterns)’ is a delectable homage to house music and its stylistic origins.

Above & Beyond x anamē – ‘Gratitude (Sébastien Léger Remix)’

“‘Gratitude’ popped up on my YouTube timeline one day, when I was in the hotel waiting for a show, I listened to it and I was touched by the melody and the main story from the lyrics. I was in a mood where, despite being lonely on tour for half of my life, I felt very grateful for what I did. I immediately thought it would be amazing if I could do my own version, and try to keep the emotions I got from the original.”

Sébastien Léger

LÜRUM – ‘Apollo’

LÜRUM adds to the sonic journey with ‘Apollo’. From the otherworldly atmosphere to the anthemic synths propelling through time and space, this track sends listeners on a cosmic adventure that’ll change their lives forever.

All Day I Dream – ‘Summer Sampler 2022’

House music legend Lee Burridge and his global party series turned record label All Day I Dream have made a massive mark on dance music. Lee’s signature languid, melodic aesthetic has inspired a new generation in the continuum of house music. Today, the renowned party series and record label All Day I Dream releases their annual VA, entitled ‘Summer Sampler 2022’. Lee has packed this 3-disc compilation to the brim with talent, featuring an all-star lineup of ADID family across the 12 tracks.

Pascal Letoublon – ‘Fall In Love’

Pascal Letoublon returns with a new track, ‘Fall In Love’. Accompanied by the Italian-German multi-talented artist MAXÉ and the top line writer and singer Quizzo, the young and talented French DJ delivers on ‘Fall In Love’. Not just a love song, the club track immediately puts one in the right mood to dance just in time for the summer. 

Model Man – ‘Model Man (The Remixes)’

UK electronic talent Model Man has dropped a remix package for his acclaimed, self-titled debut album. A six-track package, ’The Remixes features some of the most exciting names in electronic music today. Three remixes have already been released as singles: London-based DJ and producer Laurence Guy’s euphoric rework of ‘Take Me There’; Aussie boy wonder Mall Grab’s anthemic, key-driven take on ‘Don’t Cry’; and fast-rising UK talent TSHA’s dreamy edit of the same track.

OMAS x Kozah – ‘I Know’

OMAS now descends from the cosmos once more with ‘I Know.  A joint venture with Kozah landing on ‘Rude Service Full Stack 100 Compilation’, ‘I Know’ serves up a beautifully haunting swell of sound from the first note to the echoed outro.

Yubik – ‘Human Aura (Massano Remix)’

In his latest studio output, Liverpool-based Massano revisits an earlier track and refurbishes it to a more club-friendly record. Released on Radikon today, this remix of Yubik’sHuman Aura’ is the perfect scene setter for an underground getaway, a great spiritual escape to align you with your own complexion.

DJ E-Clyps – ‘Celebrate’

Hot off his most recent release, ‘Love Quake’ courtesy of Cajual Records, there is no sign that DJ E-Clyps will be slowing down soon. Although this track leans away from the four-by-four style of music that has allowed DJ E-Clyps to quickly rise in the dance scene, ‘Celebrate’ has already seen support from many legends in the scene. 

Nitepunk – ‘Black and Colors’

Nitepunk returns to HARD Recs with his latest single, ‘Black and Colors’, a kaleidoscopic bass track teeming with vibrant sound design. 

*Featured image via Cosmic Gate, SLANDER, Jason Ross and ARTY*

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