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Have ‘Faith’ That The ‘Beat Goes On’ With This Week’s New Music | Fresh Music Friday

by Guest Contributor

Talla 2XLC x Alessandra Roncone x Madwave – ‘Eclipse’

Eclipse’ is a massive collaboration between Talla 2XLC, the Italian female DJ Alessandra Roncone and the Swiss artist Madwave. The track debuted on the compilation album ‘Technoclub Vol. 64’ now it’s time to enjoy it in its full extended glory! This one is a powerful, anthemic, uplifting trancer that has enormous amounts of energy with feel good colorful synths and a dreamy breakdown. And finally, the full-on climax creates endless amounts of eargasmic moments! 

Armin van Buuren x Florentin – ‘Echoes (feat. Jordan Grace)’

Taking listeners by the hand as the stunning opening track of the ‘A State Of Trance 2022’ album, ‘Echoes’ marks the first-ever creative get-together between five-time #1 DJ in the world Armin van Buuren, emerging act Florentin (formerly Graham Bell) and Australian-born, Nashville-based singer-songwriter Jordan Grace. Rousing, easy on the ear as and steeped in crossover appeal, this track makes for a peerless listening experience regardless of a fan’s stylistic preference.

Jauz – ‘PPL (feat. Johnny Gold)’

Jauz and Johnny Gold have linked up on new single ‘PPL’, out on Atlantic Records/Big Beat Records. Channelling an infectious dance-pop sound, ‘PPL’ blends smooth vocals and euphoric breakdowns with a driving bassline that’s perfect for the dancefloor. 

MK x Paul Woodford – ‘Teardrops (feat. Majid Jordan)’

Teardrops’ sees MK collaborating with UK super producer Paul Woolford and Toronto-based visionary duo Majid Jordan. Together this dream team has created a melancholic piano house anthem with an R&B twist that is sure to soundtrack 2022.

Black Caviar x Lee Wilson – ‘Beat Goes On’

“We sent Lee Wilson over a few song ideas to check out and he hit us back with this idea which we instantly loved. It was the perfect vibe for hope coming out of the tough time we all went through together over the past 2 years. Hope that after the rain pours, the sun comes out… and the ‘Beat Goes On’!”

Black Caviar

ReOrder x Jordan Tobias pres. Crowd+Ctrl – ‘Hysteria (feat. Ellae)’

ReOrder and Jordan Tobias issue the next masterpiece under their Crowd+Ctrl moniker. Exploring the experience of being trapped inside your mind and losing perspective of the outside world, ‘Hysteria’ instantly seals the sonic deal with seductive vocals, warped synths and distorted leads that underline the record’s dark and intriguing demeanor.

Minelli – ‘Nothing Hurts (Afrojack Remix)’

Minelli together with Grammy Award winning DJ/producer Afrojack are ready to blow your party’s speakers with a massive new remix of her hit ‘Nothing Hurts’. This collaboration effortlessly blends Minelli’s unique vocals with Afrojack’s signature epic sound to take over dancefloors around the world.

Liquid Stranger – ‘Balance’

Long known as one of the most prominent artists on the experimental bass music scene, Sweden’s Liquid Stranger (aka Martin Stääf) has delivered his new studio album, ‘Balance’. Available on his world-renowned WAKAAN imprint, the 13-track album sees Liquid Stranger take the role of a musical archeologist as he sifts through and uncovers a myriad of global sounds and unites them under the ‘Balance’ umbrella. This is what progress sounds like.

XAVAGE – ‘Stay Xavage 2’

XAVAGE rightfully returns to Circus Records for his forthcoming sophomore EP, ‘Stay Xavage 2’. A standout collection of heavy-hitters and raucous trap tunes, ‘Stay Xavage 2’ solidifies XAVAGE as one of the most prolific talents rising within the contemporary trap scene.

Chicane – ‘From Blue To Green (Evolution Mix)’

Kicking off the Evolution Mix of ‘From Blue To Green’ with brisk breakbeats and a trademark soundscape, Chicane brings to life yet another track from his 1997 debut album: ‘Far From The Maddening Crowd’. A rich, colourful and uplifting piece that tickles any listener’s imagination, this 2022 version is a treat to the senses from start to finish.

Joplyn – ‘We Will Forgive Ourselves’

“I wrote ‘We Will Forgive Ourselves’ out of a feeling of frustration in a world where excess and hedonism often come at the cost of integrity and empathy with one another. Musically, I wanted to convey this emotion through the melancholic, dark soundscapes on the track, and the eerie choir that acts as a backbone and is repeated throughout. ‘One day, the snow in our hearts will melt. […] Teach us, and we will forgive ourselves.’ – Still, ‘We Will Forgive Ourselves’ ultimately is a song about hope, that calls for a future of healing and accepting, and eventually forgiving the faults of the past.”


Davey Asprey – ‘Revolution’

Davey Asprey ups the ante with ‘Revolution’. Breaking out of the forceful, tech-inspired build-up with euphoric synth soars only to dive straight back into the carnage, this track is a definitive game changer on worldwide dance floors.

Eric Sharp – ‘Emergence’

On Eric Sharp’s new ‘Emergence’ EP, the artist melds his sharply-honed production and songwriting abilities with the skills of his collaborators to create dynamic, spellbinding house tracks. As a result, the five-track package weaves complementary, united musical elements into tapestries that both intrigue listeners and drive dance floors wild.

D.O.D. – ‘On The Run’

An exhilarating ride through vibrant synth lines, bubbling basslines, soulful vocals and punchy drums, ‘On The Run’ showcases D.O.D. at his best, serving up more peak-time material for big rooms and main stages alike.

Lauren Mia – ‘Eternal Existence’

“‘Converge’ is relevant. ‘Converge’ is to remind us of the convergence of our soul. The ego is not bad, it is just trying to help us survive in our human experiences, it’s a part of us, but it isn’t us… If we can remember what our soul truly is, who it is, within it, we can merge the two together. Become whole, closer to ‘One’ – and heal. Converge is the motivation and inspiration for the two parts to converge, to merge. To become ‘One’ as all our souls continue to ‘exist eternally.

One’ is the story of our souls being one of something bigger, all connected and existing infinitely…eternally. We are all part of ONE big cycle, one infinite plan, already written…all through love. ‘One’ is to remind us of our oneness with ourselves…with THE self. We hear the phrase ‘we are one’ traveling around a lot, but I don’t know how many of us truly grasp this truth and instill it.”

Lauren Mia

Kelland x Sara Diamond – ‘LOVESICK’

Kelland’sLOVESICK’ is an energetic tune kicks off with a filtered beat, ethereally setting the atmospheric ambiance for the remainder of the nearly two-and-a-half minute sonic endeavor. Rhythmically alluring in all the best ways audibly possible, the four-on-the-floor track also distinctly features a canorous vocal performance that glides and flows throughout its entirety. The head-over-heels feeling one gets when falling in love is precisely encapsulated, courtesy of Sara Diamond’s emotionally-charged lyricism. Hefty basslines, infectiously enticing production elements, and an enthralling flair unlike anything else heard before it characterize the rest of the euphonic release, making it a quintessential addition to the renowned Physical Presents label.

Roland Clark – ‘Dance or Die’

A jackin’ house offering through and through, the six-minute cut, ‘Dance or Die’ embodies the deep and soulful sound with which Roland Clark has become best known. Instantly-recognisable lyrics live beside chunky 4×4 drum patterns, creating the iconic Chicago-house feel, before a gently bleeping synth is brought in near the track’s latter half to form a modern, dancefloor-ready number.

Nytrix x Kiesza – ‘One More Time’

Nytrix teams up with Canadian vocalist Kiesza to deliver a new high-powered single ‘One More Time’. The upbeat cyberpop ballad features empowering vocals about taking risks and not being afraid of living boldly, which seamlessly breaks down into an explosion of bass-house.

Snakehips – ‘Water. (feat. Bryce Vine)’

WATER.’, the latest from Snakehips, features Bryce Vine in a slinky slice of house music meant for dark nightclubs and after-hours parties. Out on Helix Records, following a world premiere by Zane Lowe, Snakehips channels the groove from within in the shuffling beat, with Bryce Vine providing magnetic vocals that glide along with the track’s smooth rhythm. The music video’s dreamy VHS-inspired visuals invite viewers to a kaleidoscopic beach party with Bryce Vine and Snakehips, amplifying the sunny sound of the track.

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – ‘Crosswalk’

“When I finished this song [‘Crosswalk’] the tone of the album started to make sense to me, at least what to keep and what to save for another time. I think when people hear the whole thing there’s a chance that it will come across.”

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

partywithray – ‘Immigrant Song’

partywithray makes his mark on the electrifying Led Zeppelin hit with a tech-house rework of ‘Immigrant Song’. The Los Angeles-based producer adds moody kicks and snares to a swirl of the rock band’s signature vocal cries, exploding the timeless song into a house party of epic proportions.

Apashe x Vladimir Cauchemar – ‘RIP’

Opening with a graceful organ piano melody, ‘RIP’ slowly escalates with harrowing orchestral elements into a flawlessly layered soundscape. Showcasing his impressive studio versatility, Apashe abolishes genre confines with this latest collaboration with Vladimir Cauchemar as the pair meets at an apex between their signature sounds. 

camoufly – ‘FAITH’

Springing to life with five expertly crafted tunes, ‘FAITH’ sees camoufly’s epochal skillset in full swing. Rightfully landing everywhere the end of April, ‘FAITH’ embodies the innate transformation of springtime with surges of elated synths, colorful sonic blips, and worldly chord progressions.

*Featured image via Black Caviar, Jauz, Afrojack and camoufly*

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