Tinlicker, Michelle Kash, Sizzy Rocket, and Moon Boots.
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‘Hardly a Day, Hardly a Night’, I Don’t Dream About New Music! | Fresh Music Friday

by Fresh Music Freaks Staff
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Cubicolor – ‘Hardly a Day, Hardly a Night’

Cubicolor releases their much-anticipated new album ‘Hardly A Day, Hardly A Night‘ out today on Anjunadeep. Inspired by the cycles of time, and the cyclical movements of the planets, the new twelve-track record weaves together themes of loss, hope, and acceptance. Showcasing their remarkable production techniques and textured sound design throughout the album, Cubicolor continues their unconventional rise to the upper ranks of the electronic music world. 

'Hardly a Day, Hardly a Night' is out now!

Tinlicker – ‘Vanishing’ (Dosem Remix)

Spanish House producer Dosem releases an amazing rework of Tinlicker‘sVanishing’. This remix with it’s driving deep bass beats puts a heavier imprint on this already outstanding track.

Vanishing (Dosem Remix) is out now!

Moon Boots – ‘Tied Up’ (The Remixes)

Kenny Dope and Mat Zo rework Moon Boots hot single ‘Tied Up’. Kenny Dope fattens up the original more with a deep bassline and some disco-house flair. Mat Zo lives up to his reputation as one of dance music’s most versatile contemporary producers with a remix that leans heavily on 2-Step and French House.

'Tired Up' (Remixes) is out now!

Adam Kahati – ‘2:25’

Indie electronic multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer Adam Kahatis debuts his latest five-track EP, ‘2:25‘. This release is immersed in electro-pop grooves and will have you singing along to its enchanting melodies in no time.

'2:25' is out now!

Nicky Romero & Timmy Trumpet – ‘Falling’

Nicky Romero teams up with fellow dance music veteran Timmy Trumpet for his new single ‘Falling‘. This track delivers all the elements of a tried and tested club anthem. Opening with enthusiastic melodies and soaring vocals, ‘Falling’ kicks into high gear at a heart-pounding 138 beats per minute during its crescendo!

'Falling' is out now!

Air Apparent X DAVVN – ‘Three Strikes’

Air Apparent teams up with DAVVN for his new single ‘Three Strikes’. This track is chill electro-pop with a mix of electronic and natural elements complemented by strong female melodies.

'Three Strikes' is out now!

Bad Decisions – ‘Looking for You’

Australian electronic music duo Bad Decisions release their newest song ‘Looking For You’.  This track resembles the feeling of the romantic, yet mysterious yearning of finding your other half whilst knowing he, she or it is almost within reach.

'Looking for You' is out now!

Quizzow & Loreno Mayer ‘Nuerra’

Loreno Mayer and Quizzo team up for this fresh new single ‘Nuerra. This new track is pure trance perfection with driving beats and emotive underlying keys. It’s bound to be a new club favorite.

'Nuerra' is out now!

Michelle Kash – ‘Personal Jesus’

Michelle Kash is excited to release three new dance video remixes of her recently released cover of Depeche Mode’s Personal JesusIn between the echoes of swelling synths, her voice toes the line between a coy croon and a commanding chant on ‘Personal Jesus‘, painting her as a 21st-century temptress.

'Personal Jesus' (Remixes) is out now!

Rijell – ‘One Chance’

Rijell releases ‘One Chance’ out now on Aureon Records. This track hits an impressive emotional range with a simple nonconformist message. The lyrics encourage the listener to leave their inhibitions behind and take the opportunity before them. A steadily building bassline paired with electronically distorted vocals carries the light tone provides the anthem for rebelling against social conformities.

'One Chance' is out now!

Trivecta + Varien – ‘Revelation’

Melodic bass maestro Trivecta pairs up with the dark midtempo master Varien to create an unexpected psytrance collaboration that unleashes into melodic dubstep in the 2nd act. ‘Revelation‘ is a surprise from start to finish and will definitely be burning up the dance floors.

'Revelation' is out now!

Grandtheft – ‘Dripoholic’

Grandtheft links up with rapper Yung Tory and together they treat listeners to an addictive rap cut. Dripoholic‘ aims to expand the producer’s repertoire of music. This single combines fun bass beats and catchy hooks that will have fans rapping along in no time!

'Dripoholic' is out now!

Nghtmre – ‘Wrist’

NGHTMRE makes another emphatic statement with the release of ‘Wrist‘ featuring Tory Lanez. This new single is hip-hop banger and is bound to be a new club favorite!

'Wrist' is out now!

Justin Jay & Josh Taylor – ‘I Just Wanna Sleep’

Justin Jay and Josh Taylor join forces for an effervescent new single ‘I Just Wanna Sleep. Justin continues to push personal boundaries on his quest for artistic fulfillment with this new release.

'I Just Wanna Sleep' is out now!

Rad Cat – ‘Love & Illusions’ EP

Rad Cat excitedly releases ‘Love & Illusions‘ EP. This three-track project features the vocal prowess of Dutch Melrose combined with the production of Rad Cat’s that lies in between the soft spot of electronic music and contemporary R&B.

'Love & Illusions' is out now!

Yellow Claw – ‘Supernoize’

Yellow Claw releases their newest single ‘Supernoize‘, which is the first track from forthcoming Barong Family’s album ‘Hard In Bangkok‘, which will be out everywhere in next month. This new release delivers hard bangin beats and an even heavier chopped up bass drop!

'Supernoize' is out now!

Sizzy Rocket – ‘That Bitch’

Sizzy Rocket released her newest single, ‘THAT BITCH’.  Seamlessly fusing bombastic punk-inspired riffs with electro-pop melodies. ‘THAT BITCH’ is about owning yourself; even the crazy, messy, wild, emotional parts that might be ‘too much’ for people, even when you feel insane and down and alone.

'THAT BITCH' is out now!

The Arcturians X Hyukari – ‘Find a Release’

Up and comers, The Arcturians release their first track off their much-anticipated EP coming out later this year. ‘Find a Release’ is dynamic and touching and links them with Hyukari. This single is guaranteed to get those hairs standing on end.

'Find a Release' is out now!

Partywithray – ‘My Name Is / All Day’

The mysterious Partywithray returns with two new swag house anthems, ‘My Name Is / All Day‘. Released on the uber-hip DND Records, these tracks are super fun and a guaranteed party starter!

'My Name is/All Day' is out now!

Nostalgix & Vouti – ‘Brat’

Nostalgix and VOUTI team up for their newest single ‘Brat‘. This electro-pop infused release combines hard beats and catchy lyrics for this new club favorite.

'Brat' is out now!

Famba – ‘I Feel Your Pain’ (Young Bombs Remix)

FAMBA is one of dance music’s most exciting and promising young producers. His current single ‘I Feel Your Pain‘ feat. David Aubrey receives an indie dance-inspired rework from Young Bombs. The Vancouver-based duo infuses the original with energy and buoyancy through an uplifting build and subtle yet immensely satisfying drop.

'I Feel Your Pain' is out now!

Featured image | via Tinlicker. Michelle Kash, Sizzy Rocket, and Moon Boots*

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