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GRiZ Transcends Dimensions at ‘Another World’

by Raina Weinberg

Halloween weekend got even spookier after witnessing GRiZ’s biggest and baddest curated event to date. The three-day banger, better known as Another World, took place at the 1st Bank Center in Denver, Colorado. The funky sax man himself, Grant Kwiecinski, blessed us with all the tricks and treats with three curated sets including, “House Party Vibes,” “10’-17’,” and “Full Flex.” 

If you’ve been riding the GRiZ waves for as long as some, you’re probably like me and can’t stay away from these curated events – and for good reason. Grant and the rest of the GRiZ team pulled out all the stops for the three-day spectacle. The production was out of this world, to say the least. Voyage Productions played a massive part in the art direction for the GRiZMAS stream as well as the Rainbow Brain movie that came out this summer and it wasn’t hard to spot components of the live stream production at 1st Bank Center. The vibrantly colorful lights, lasers and screens shown on the live streams were mind-bending in person. We even got to experience firsthand “The Echo Tree” in its physical form. The weeping willow-esque structure had cascading LED lights that hung down all around it and fans got to go under the tree and bask in its beauty. 

The first two nights of Another World were set in a 360 format AKA “in the round.” This way of viewing the show gave way for incredibly special sets. There was truly not a bad seat in the house with the massive production encompassing the whole arena. The venue itself was one of many amazing things about Another World. Although there were thousands of people there for the show, the 360 arena made the experience feel intimate. The whole weekend felt like a family affair and the energy was so thick you could feel it. Whether it was seeing the lights go up and showing the entire arena getting down to that funky GRiZ grime or the sheer loudness of the crowd’s cheers, I could feel it all. 

Photo via Jason Siegel Photography

GRiZ did his best to warn us about night one, “House Party Vibes”, via a tweet saying it didn’t just mean he was going to be playing house music. I don’t think anyone in that arena was prepared for the absolute filth he was about to drop on us. The show opened with an epic “Phantom Of the Opera” remix as GRiZ’s tiered stage slowly rose higher and higher. Evil GRiZ had come out to play in a wicked  “Dimension Expander” mask created by Dan Schaub. Night one left me, and no doubt the whole crowd, in shock. “House Party Vibes” became one of my favorite GRiZ shows to date with how versatile and exciting the set was. Once I think I’ve got the man figured out, he goes and completely surprises me, which I’m not complaining about one bit. He blessed us with some dirty original wubz while mixing in new versions of his songs and threw down some extra saucy versions of other artists’ music, including a couple of spicy LSDREAM songs. Needless to say, it was the most epic “house party” I’ve ever been to. 

I love 10’-17’ GRiZ sets because it’s always fun to revisit those old favorites that have been hiding away. Of course, there will be the popular sing-a-longs to songs like “Good Times Roll” and “PSGFY” but my heart beats for moments like seeing “Chasing Galaxies” live. I was thrilled to get to experience Chrishira Perrier, an absolute queen on the vocals, singing “Wayfaring Stranger” while GRiZ gave us that deep and building sax. His version of “Wayfaring Stranger” is always a treat to hear live. Chrishira brings the best vibes to GRiZ shows with her never-ending supply of hot girl energy and bad ass vocals. Even though 10’-17’ is meant to be a throwback set, the mad scientist GRiZ finds a way to “make the old shit, sound like new shit.” The Late Night Horns, featuring Jeremy Phipps on the trombone and trumpeter Billy Aukstik were a smashing addition to all three nights of Another World. The two of them added extra layers of funky goodness to songs like “Get Down,” “Bustin Out” and so many more. 

Photo via Jason Siegel Photography

I was super stoked to get to see Dan Hacker, Muzzy Bearr himself, open up night three. He brought the funky disco house and kicked off the night perfectly. The vibes were good and the whole place was covered in cheesing faces and swaying bodies. It felt right having him back at a GRiZ show.

After two brain-melting nights at 1st Bank Center, all the kids were wondering the same thing, how is he going to top himself. But by God does he do it every time. Night three, Full Flex, kicked off fittingly with “Another World“. Prob Cause spent the whole weekend spitting mad verses but he outdid himself the third night. Prob, AKA Colin Grimm, lit every track on fire when he came out and I especially loved hearing him sing on “Other Side of Jupiter”. He has, and will always be, an amazing part of the GRiZ project. Speaking of fire, we got to hear a new heater of a collab when Dominic Lalli from Big Gigantic came out on the saxophone. Trust me, it’s a certified banger. While I’m talking about collabs shout out to the amazing new CloZee collab, “Colors of Your Soul,” and an epic GRiZ x Zeds Dead track we got to hear. GRiZ brought out long-time heavy hitter JANSTEN to play “Burn Up the Floor” and it was a heartwarming moment when his 8-year-old daughter came out on stage to say hello with him. After we were done getting our hearts warmed, the two blasted our brains onto the floor. The night ended with a somber and uplifting version of “Find My Own Way” where we got to say our final goodbye to Grant, Colin, Chrishira, and The Late-Night Horns.

Photo via Jason Siegel Photography

I find myself coming home from an experience like this and having a hard time explaining it. At one point Grant said “These are the moments we live for, the moments that remind us we are alive” and that was so real. Being surrounded by so many like-minded and kind-hearted souls matters. The world is a dark place for many and being able to come together for three days and put our energy into something bigger than ourselves is beautiful. These are the moments I live for, the moments when I’m surrounded by my family, full of life screaming, “I believe, that all we need, in this world, is more love!” A huge thank you to everyone who put in work for Another World to become a reality. It was hands down the best GRiZ event I’ve ever been to and without a doubt one of the most special weekends I’ve been a part of.

There’s something great to look forward to on the horizon! GRiZMAS will be back in Detroit, Michigan December 1st-12th for all your holiday cheer. I’m looking forward to The Coliseum in Hampton, Virginia who will play host on December 17th and 18th for its first curated GRiZ event. Zip up your spacesuit and lace up those moon boots, we’re going to Space Camp!

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