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“Gimmie Your Love” I’m Bringing New Music If “Ready Or Not” | Fresh Music Friday

by Fresh Music Freaks Staff

Eli & Fur – “Wild Skies”

British live act, singer-songwriter, and producer duo Eli & Fur release their first single “Wild Skiesoff their much-anticipated debut album “Found in the Wild” coming this summer on Ajunadeep. “Wild Skies came together so organically and naturally. I felt like I was expressing myself without even really realizing how and the melodies just fell out of me. A lot of the time, I’ll write lyrics before the song, but with this one there was no preparation whatsoever, I just sat down at the computer with the microphone and sung, and that was that!” – Fur. 

Jordin Post – “Azure”

Jordin Post returns to Anjunabeats with the “Azure” EP. This release marks the next step in his broad journey as an artist. “I worked on this EP for the past year, and it’s grown into a journey through all the seasons: from bright blue skies & waters (‘Azure’), to watching the leaves fall from the trees (‘Autumn In Amsterdam’), back to everything slowly coming to life again (‘Blossom’). I’m incredibly happy to finally share this with everyone.” – Jordin Post

Cold Blue – “Painting Skies” (Sunny Lax Remix)

Cold Blue hands over remix duties to none other than Anjuanbeats favorite Sunny Lax for this epic rework of “Painting Skies”. In its affecting, night-time-beckoning majesty, the release includes Cold Blue’s original design for the track. Beat-free, with a rising & falling intensity, hinged around sometimes-somber strings, elegantly nagging note arrangements, and big chord sweeps, it provides the perfect spur for Sunny’s mix. Along with the fundamental elements of its melodic structure, the Hungarian retains all the heart of the Original. From there though Sunny Lax breaks north for the club floor, applying acidic squall, bass surf & aquatic FX, whilst up above rising towering harmonics & pristine chime – all driven by his killer key changes.

Mike Hiratzka – “The Light Of The Morning”

Mike Hiratzka has taken 2020’s touring pause to work on his new personal electronic project. “The Light of The Morning” is his first introduction to that solo sound, a melancholy and evocative track with cinematic overtones, created with incredibly crisp and mature production techniques. This release is the debut single from his forthcoming full artist work, “Nish” out in June on Mike’s own Nish Recordings imprint.

Paul Oakenfold – “Hypnotic” (Benny Nenassi & BB Team Remix)

Paul Oakenfold releases the third single “Hypnotic” off his new studio album, “Shine On” due out this summer. The new release features Azealia Banks and joining the party on remix duties is the incomparable Italian dance music icon Benny Benassi and BB Team. The remix dutifully works around the vocals, keeping the essence of Oakenfold’s original intact while incorporating that signature clubby Benny Benassi sound around the edges.

Vy-Da – “Hold Me”

Italian duo VY-DA are proud to present their latest anthem, Hold Me“. This release showcases a deep and atmospheric bassline, with an addictive, rhythmic melody. Topped by a brooding vocal, the track merges between several sub-genres, including deep-house, to craft a slick primetime pinger which is sure to prove hugely popular among the electronic circuit.

Alfiya Glow – “New Earth”

Up and coming violinist, DJ, and producer Alfiya Glow release her new single “New Earth”. This track is a cinematic soundscape born from an unexplained drive of exposing the spiritual layers that can be found in the minimal house genre. The single highlight her classically-trained violin signature production expertise and for the first time ever, delivery on vocals!

Illenium – “Sideways”

Platinum crossover electronic artist and producer/DJ ILLENIUM has released his single with Valerie Broussard and NurkoSideways”. Sharing the message behind the song, Valerie Broussard states, “‘Sideways’ was written as an ode to a friend who was struggling with her mental health during Covid lockdown. Having struggled similarly in my own life, I wanted her to know I would always be there for her, even when it felt like the world was falling apart.”

Casey Austin – “Sunset Bootlegs Vol.1

The California-based producer Casey Austin spent quarantine producing house-driven bootlegs, transforming his favorite hip-hop and r&b songs into club-ready records that DJs will love for their track arsenal. The end product is his newly-minted Sunset Bootlegs series. The first edition “Sunset Bootlegs Vol.1” features five edits packaged into a stomping collection of tracks, offering up a spectrum of dream pop to deep house.

Demien Six – “The Eyes of Tomorrow”

Demien Sixx is back with his first EP of 2021 “The Eyes Of Tomorrow“. Housing five tracks that blur the lines between dubstep, electro house, and trap. Sixx’s latest is a gripping release sure to enthrall listeners and electrify stages. Throughout the EP, Sixx deploys powerful hooks and driving basslines to craft his scintillating singles. Additionally, he puts his unique stamp on his productions through perplexing distorted horror voices and a mechanized sci-fi tonality, giving the EP an unparalleled feel.

Timmy Trumpet & Nitti Gritti – “Hey Motherfucker”

Two worlds collide as Grammy Award-winning American DJ & producer NITTI GRITTI teams up with Aussie mainstage festival monster Timmy Trumpet for their mammoth new release “Hey Motherfucker“. Appropriately titled and equally as filthy are the thunderous array of drops laced throughout, set to put your sound system to the test. The new track features huge synths, pounding kicks, and hypnotic rhythm and does its best work toeing the line between sub-genres, with elements throughout that will tantalize any natural-born rager’s greatest fantasies.

KUU – “Gimmie Your Love”

Dance music trio KUU have unveiled the new single Gimme Your Love“, their first single release of 2021. Juxtaposing driving kick drums with delicate filtered chords and Shungudzo’s sensual vocals, This track sees KUU deliver a refined house cut that’s brimming with ethereal dancefloor energy

GRAVDGR – “Run When You See Me”

GRAVEDGR is hitting a heinous tempo on his new “Run When You See Me” EP, featuring five inescapable heavy-hitting tracks for the Bassrush Records crew. GRAVEDGR says. “Starting with the first single, ‘Run When You See Me’ tells a story of you, the listener, running from your worst nightmares. Throughout the subsequent tracks in the EP, it takes you on a frightening path with each song becoming more and more aggressive.”


Following a 15 year hiatus from publishing, one of techno’s most historically important imprints, Conform Records, made an emphatic resurgence in 2020, renewing its momentous presence on the dance music landscape. Now, it’s revisiting its storied discography by sharing new masters of timeless club favorites. “Conform’s 20th Century Catalogue” gives the label’s releases from 1997 to 2000 new life through fresh digital updates of the original DAT masters on tape. Permeating its 38 tracks across 11 releases, an overall sense of raw passion and unbridled creativity sweeps is omnipresent.

Leotrix – “Honesty Trax”

Leotrix releases a dynamic two-track EP “Honesty Trax”. This release reveals two decisively unique hardwired lines connecting to contrasting units of his ingenuity. Across both tracks, he proves he’s a man of many layers via an innovative EP.

Matt Nash – “Ready or Not”

Future-house maestro Matt Nash is back, with his latest anthem, Ready Or Not“. This release is a perfect combination of commercial and club vibes with a super catchy pop vocal that’s effortlessly blending with the clubby bass-driven drops.

Glass Petals – “All Night”

Glass Petals release another club-ready weapon “All Night”. This release has all the makings of a crowd-pleasing cut. Staying true to the project’s party-aimed ethos, the track rides a robust rhythm as slick-tongued vocal chops push the energy through the ceiling with a super relatable intention for any partygoer unwilling to call it quits until daybreak.

JKYL & HYDE – “Protocol Shift”

Jkyl & Hyde release “Protocol Shift”, a warped musical with more crunch than a broken neck! You can expect anything from the new release; ultra-tech sound design, ten-tonne bass drops, gritty swag, and tons of excitement. All tracks are assured to bring you into the nightmare minds of Jkyl & Hyde.

Laura Greaves – “Into The Dark”

Laura Greaves is officially the first-ever singer to lead a release on Circus Records and now, she releases “Into The Dark”. As the EP title suggests, Laura’s tempted by the darkness. The tracks are twisted and seductive and show Laura’s vocals in their raw and natural form.

Featured image | via Eli & Fur, Mike Hiratzka, Glass Petals, and Jordin Post*

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