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PINEO & LOEB Spring Tour 2020

Gettin’ Intergalactic On Tour With PINEO & LOEB | Interview

by Darby Rayanne

FMF: So boys, tell me a bit of backstory on how PINEO & LOEB came to be on the island of Nova Scotia?

PINEO & LOEB: PINEO was born in rural Nova Scotia and LOEB came to Halifax for university. We had both been DJing separately and got teamed up for the first time by being the only DJs that didn’t care about set times, so we split one. We ended up really feeding off of what each other was playing and continued to work together, eventually bonding over remixing classic tracks before writing original music. We’ve been performing across the country and abroad ever since!

How did you transition from the East Coast industry and become such a prominent headliner in our West Coast scene?

Inc.Line brought us out to our first West Coast festival a few years ago and it really clicked how similar the vibes were to the East Coast festivals we’d been playing. He heard of us originally from our Morning Maniac Music Mixtape we released on Stylust’s Sleeveless Records. The people are so incredible out West and we felt at home right away. Great Bass, good energy, and timeless music are universal and we feel so touched with how receptive the people of the West Coast have been to us. 

From East to West and everywhere in between, what was your most monumental show last year?

Future Forest has always been very special to us. We’ve been performing there since the beginning and it gets bigger and better every time. Our set at Future Forest 2019 had incredible energy for us from beginning to end. We took the stage right after Stickybuds so the audience was already wild. Getting to perform a lot of our original tracks and remixes on live instruments with Sparkee ripping up the guitar made it even more special. Crowd surfing to our track “Circles” was a moment we will never forget and was the icing on the cake for one of our favourite sets of all time.  

Future Forest | Image Via Grim Photography

That viral video you posted in the Shambhala Farmily group with Andy King from FyreFest was hilarious! How did that come about? 

We loved the FyreFest documentary and noticed last year at Shambhala Music Festival there were a bunch of totems with his face on it in the crowd. We messaged him online and ended up getting him to make us a promo video for Shambhala! We posted it in the Shambhala Farmily group to let them know we’re team players and had no idea it would get the response it did! Check the video below.

2019 was a transformational year for you guys. What are your goals for 2020?

We have so much planned for 2020 we can hardly contain the excitement! Tons of original music, remixes, and covers will be coming through the year along with our most tour dates ever all over the place. We’re leaving this Thursday for 18 shows across Western Canada starting on Vancouver Island next weekend! 

With that being said, what are your Top 3 Festivals you want to play?

Shambhala, Burning Man, and Coachella.

You guys have had some pretty wicked collabs already this year. Who are you dreaming to collab with next?

Most definitely Rufus Du Sol, Bryan Adams, Nelly Furtado, Andre 3000, Aphex Twin, Max Martin, and Rick Rubin.

Any tricks up your sleeve for your Spring Tour?

We’ve got new visuals, lots and new music we’re so excited to play out. Some new takes on classic songs we think people are going to love to sing along too. We’re also bringing a ton of new merch with us with lots of variety of designs.

Catch PINEO & LOEB on their West Coast tour! Click the image below for more information. See you Freaks on the dancefloor.


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*Featured Image Via Isobel Rabit*

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