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Luke Mandala Desert Hearts

Get Warmed Up with Luke Mandala’s ‘Fire Eyes’ EP on Desert Hearts

by Tom Fairfax

Desert Hearts looked to a Southern California great for its latest EP venture: Luke Mandala. The resulting two-tracker takes listeners on a tripped-out ride through Tech House soundscapes. Rising talent Luigi Rocca also joins for remix duties.

Fire Eyes“‘ title track kicks off the release, with Mandala engaging the mind through heady basslines and gritty synth riffs. Luigi Rocca’s remix to it uses the same themes—but stands completely on its own with varied arrangement and chopped up vocals. Both versions do well in getting bodies moving—be it the living room, kitchen, or bedroom dancefloors.

Vocalist Aja Monet brings a psychedelic touch to “You Know“; her spoken words add depth to the finished product. Here, percussion takes the lead, with Mandala stacking delicate drum patterns atop one another to form a base. Ethereal melodies during the breakdown tie “You Know” together.

Check out “Fire Eyes” and prepare to get your body moving. You can also support Luke Mandala by downloading the track.

*Featured Image Via Jay Eads Photography*

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