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‘Get Up’ And Get ‘Lost’ In The Music With This Week’s New Tunes | ICYMI Monday

by Guest Contributor

Chris Lorenzo – ‘California Dreamin’ (Cages Remix)’

Cages returns with a captivating remix of Chris Lorenzo’sCalifornia Dreamin’’, released by Black Book Records/Astralwerks. Opening with an otherworldly rush of sound and percolating tribal beat, the legendary yet mysterious producer proceeds to weave a hypnotic, bouncing bass line through the track.

Matoma x A R I Z O N A – ‘Heart So Big’

“PJ (A R I Z O N A) sent me this idea he was working on and I immediately fell head over heels in love. This song was pure emotion. As we’ve been making these plans for release around National Autism Awareness Month, and we’ve been seeing the tragedies occurring in Ukraine, we really felt there is a wider message in this song [‘Heart So Big’] – a message of celebrating the joys of love and humanity in all shapes and forms. We hope that some of our initiatives around this release will make a positive change and spread love at a time when we all need it.”


Cat Dealers x HRRTZ – ‘Stronger’

A major success throughout their recent live shows, Cat Dealers’ Stronger’ has the ability to near-effortlessly rev up the crowd. From the raw and powerful production to HRRTZ’s empowering lyrics and Leo Stannard’s authentic vocal performance, this track is bound to rule dance floors for a long time to come.

Steven Weston – ‘Like I Used To (feat. Låpsley)’

GRAMMY-nominated producer, songwriter, and engineer Steven Weston debuts on Anjunadeep with ‘Like I Used To’ featuring vocals from British singer-songwriter Låpsley. First heard on flagship label compilation ‘Anjunadeep 13’, new collaboration ‘Like I Used To’ showcases Steven’s warm and elegant production and features Låpsley’s unique and soulful vocals.

SoDown – ‘Get Up’

Saxophone-playing production maestro SoDown has finally unleashed his ‘Get Up’ EP after teasing the music to his superfans via a cryptic three-part video series

Wax Motif x Longstoryshort – ‘On The Low’

The track begins with a slow and impassioned vocal, painting the composition’s heavy-hearted mood before thumping drums propel the track into a vibrant cascade of bass. After soundtracking dance floors throughout Miami as one of the most anticipated track IDs in town, ‘On The Low’ proves once again that Wax Motif’s title of bass-house maestro is here to stay.

Mella Dee – ‘Love It Or Not (Vintage Culture Remix)’

Vintage Culture’s reworking of ‘Love It Or Not’ is an immaculately produced deep house cut poised for deployment at worldwide festivals this summer. Stirring piano keys, slick synth lines and effortless vocals from Infinite Coles all blend together synonymously with Vintage Culture’s signature rolling basslines.


“The mixtape [‘SICK’] is about the ups and downs of relationships. From euphoric moments to breaking up and making up, going through heaven and hell for someone you love and how love sometimes doesn’t feel like love.”


One True God – ‘Love Lockdown’

Canadian startup One True God (OTG) delivers a moody electronic remake of Kanye’s now-classic hit ‘Love Lockdown’ as his newest independent release. The new track is perfectly representative of OTG’s signature style, which centers on minimalistic and yet dramatic sonic thematics with a twist of dark rhythm.

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – ‘Blood In The Snow’

Today Grammy nominated artist Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs releases a somber yet tantalizing new single ‘Blood In The Snow’, his first original release of 2022. The track marks a new chapter for the dynamic artist who has also announced his first album in a decade, ‘When the Lights Go’, due out later this year on his own label imprint Nice Age.

ALRT – ‘Poppin’

In ‘Poppin’, ALRT serves up a homogeneous mixture of jersey-club bounce and trap-inspired synth work to deliver the perfect example of a hybrid heater. 

Martial Simon – ‘Lost’

“Love isn’t always ‘Lost’. An original record dedicated to those who have been in and out of relationships. The record has an uplifting piano, catchy melody and powerful lyrics to reflect that everything is going to be okay. Nothing is going to change your love even if it doesn’t work out.”

Martial Simon

Plastikman x Chilly Gonzales – ‘Consumed In Key’

Consumed In Key’ is a reimagining of Plastikman’s 1998 magnum opus ‘Consumed’. The revered work has been transformed into a new collaborative composition between its original artist Richie Hawtin and Chilly Gonzales. Three decades in the making, the album has been brought into the world by Tiga, credited as Executive Producer, and his Turbo Recordings label.

Zack Gray – ‘What It Used To Be’

Zack Gray is tying up loose ends with the release of his ‘What It Used To Be’ EP, which features one new original and an acoustic rendition of the titular offering. 

jackLNDN – ‘Perfect’

Light and melodic, ‘Perfect’ is filled with gentle grooves that just keep on giving. The cynical lyrics contrast against upbeat rhythmic tones that cycle between infectious and laidback, finding purchase in the void between. jackLNDN sets himself apart with this single, moving towards a more mature sound while keeping a clean production style.

Joachim Pastor – ‘Wardenclyffe (Mees Salomé Remix)’

With signature synths and dark undertones, Mees Salomé’s take on Joachim Pastor’s Wardenclyffe’ accentuates the track’s otherworldly vibe, juxtaposing chaos and peace. Whilst the original version sets an Apollonian scene with subliminal traces of soft melancholy and nostalgic reminiscing, Mees Salomé’s remix illustrates a rather Dionysian interpretation that livens the track with a slightly higher tempo, more prominent kick and more sanguine emotional synths.

Franc Moody – ‘Mass Appeal’

Mass Appeal’ is the brilliant new single from Franc Moody, available now on Juicebox/AWAL. It’s the first taste of the unique London band’s forthcoming second album, which will be released later this year and follows the homegrown success of debut album ‘Dream In Colour’. 

Mansionair x Vandelux – ‘Empty Promise’

GRAMMY-nominated trio Mansionair continue to evolve toward their hotly anticipated album, ‘Happiness, Guaranteed.’, which arrives April 29 via Glassnote Records. On the heels of the stunning ‘Next High’ with Clairo’s guitarist Kim Tee comes ‘Empty Promise’, a collaboration with producer/vocalist Vandelux. The single swells with emotion as woozy synths are woven through a snappy indie-electronic instrumental and stirring falsetto vocal swings.

Girls Of The Internet – ‘Love Again / Baby’

“The bassline and riff for In ‘Love Again’ just appeared out of nowhere when I was watching Star Trek Discovery, which weirdly has been a big inspiration to our music. I ran to the studio to record them, and the melody and lyrics just seemed to happen. The track just seemed to appear out of nowhere.

Baby’ is a bit of playful lampooning of Daft Punk, and a million other people who have used the vocoder. There seems to be a running thread of lyrics and subject matter in tracks with the vocoder; they are all sentimental love songs with obvious rhyme schemes. I don’t know if that was pre agreed with the inventor or the vocoder, but I just wanted to gently mock it.”

Girls Of The Internet 

SHÆLIN – ‘Ana Hata’

Neo-soul crew SHÆLIN first unveiled their globally adored extended-player ‘Ana Hata’ back in November of last year, bringing with it a host of support and new fans from around the world. Extending the project to audiences across the music-scape, the outfit elected a select few of the industry’s most promising and authentic voices – Hugo Payen, DJ Phantom and Samba De La Muerte – to reimagine their highlight tracks ‘To Untie A Knot’, ‘Ain’t No Matter’, and ‘Body’. Completing the ‘Ana Hata’ EP, budding French producer Ténéré serves us his sumptuous never-before-heard take on the stunning ‘River Of Gold’.

*Featured image via SoDown, Martial Simon, Matoma and Cat Dealers*

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