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The Floozies Album Review

Get The Funk Down With The Floozies New Album “Dayglow Funk”

by Raina Weinberg

Funk soul brothers Matt and Mark Hill of The Floozies are spreading the groove gospel with their newest album, “Dayglow Funk”. The Kansas City pair have dominated the Electro Funk music scene for over a decade and their newest endeavor highlights the versatility and wide range that The Floozies have to offer. “Dayglow Funk” is the perfect blend of genres all mixed up to make one tasty slice of funky fresh pie.

The duo enlists the help of Dirt Monkey to kick off the album in a big way. With all the right screeches and wonky bass, “I Ain’t Home” is an instant hit. The track starts out with that funky Floozies feel then twists and turns into a gritty mash of bass and glitched out tings. The collab does an incredible job of highlighting each artist’s distinctive sound. 

Find This Love” and “Blow My Mind” both bring that unique Floozie’s sound to the table while creating something new and fresh with Matt Hill’s vocals. The last minute of “Find This Love” had me whipping my hair back and forth and having a solo rage session. “Blow My Mind” is an attitude-filled funk fest that will make anyone get up and boogie.

The Floozies are known for adding comedic relief to many of their songs through various samples and “Ah Jeez” is their newest laughter-inducing track. A clip from Rick and Morty can be heard on the fourth track off of Dayglow Funk and it makes for an intergalactic vibe. A funky guitar and whimsical vocals lead up to Morty’s voice saying “ah jeez” and immediately following we are dropped into a wompy pot of spaceship stew. 

Desert Flower” is a dose of sweetness dripping with charm and soulful singing by Matt. The soft love song is coupled with wicked guitar solos and growing percussion. It’s the perfect lead into the next breezy bop, “Only With You”. This lovey-dovey two-minute track is a wholesome listening experience that you’ll likely press replay on. 

As a Kansas City girl, the seventh track off of “Dayglow Funk” hits home. The Hill brothers hail from Lawrence, Kansas, and have been a Kansas City staple since the beginning of their funkadelic journey. The highlight of summer is Funk Street, their annual hometown throwdown in the heart of the city. On “Til Gone Day”, The Floozies are joined with Rap powerhouse and Kansas City native Tech N9ne for a wild banger. The wavy bass joins Tech N9ne’s intense and silly flow as he says “This is KC clown town” and the mesmerizing sounds smash over the beat. This is a windows down, volume max, speeding to the lake of the Ozarks kind of song.

Buyout” brings The Terminus Horns and The Floozies back together for a body groovin’ jam. The three-piece horns section went on tour with The Floozies previously and when they join forces, music madness of the best kind ensues. “Shred Thirst” is up next and I found myself involuntarily throwing my arms up with the rock and roll horn hands. The title is fitting as Matt shreds on the guitar while Mark pounds the percussion on this rock meets electro track. 

This next song takes me back to Funk Street 5 last year in the scorching July heat. Matt spoke to a crowd of fans to introduce “I Want It All”, a song where he’d sing live without any frills for the first time. It was a raw and courageous moment that I feel lucky to have witnessed. The track became one of my all-time favorite Floozies songs and still is to this day. “I Want It All” is a seriously sexy vibe met with smooth horns and vocals. 

The romance is strong with Dayglow Funk and the last track “I Don’t Want U 2 Go”, follows suit. The Floozies pair up with funktronica duo Recess for a sweet goodbye to the album. As it came to an end I found myself head over heels. With nods to The Floozies roots in the form of a purple boombox circa “Tell Your Mother” on the album cover to captivating collabs, Dayglow Funk is a righteous work of musical brilliance. Next time I turn the album on I’ll close my eyes and pretend I’m at Electric Forest watching them throwdown at Sherwood Court or baking in the Kansas City heat at Funk Street with The Floozies and all my friends.

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