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Gabriel and Dresden | Rise to Fame, Break-up, and Comeback

by Aimee Rivas

If you are active in the electronic music community, it’s hard to not come across a Gabriel & Dresden event coming to your city. They’ve been touring non-stop since The Only Road album was released in 2017, but it wasn’t always this way. Their story spans over decades; from their chance meeting at the 2001 Miami Winter Music Conference, to their rise to fame, their sudden break-up, and their HUGE comeback and success.

Dave Dresden was working as a talent scout in 2001 when he randomly met Josh Gabriel and was given a copy of Gabriel’s record “Wave 3”. Not long after that chance encounter, they started their collaboration and made a name for themselves with remixes of artists such as Way out West, Sarah McLachlan, and Tiesto.

They toured around the world and released a highly acclaimed self-titled album in 2006. The whole album is amazing but if I had to name just one favorite it would be Tracking Treasure Down! However, the fun didn’t last forever. As it so often tragically happens in the music industry, they announced their break-up in 2008.

However, like any great duo, they couldn’t be apart for long. In 2010, they started to tour again and announced they were officially back together! With newly claimed vigor, they launched a Kickstarter campaign to work on a new album. Josh and Dave made the difficult (and unusual) decision to have their album funded on Kickstarter. They knew from past experience that touring and creating an album simultaneously without the support of a record label wouldn’t give their fans the quality they’d come to expect of Gabriel & Dresden.  

Above & Beyond premiered the first single “This Love Kills Me” off Gabriel & Dresden’s new album The Only Road at Group Therapy 250 at The Gorge. Also, at ABGT250, it was officially announced the album would be released on the Anjunabeats label. The album was an instant classic and received rave reviews from everyone in the electronic music community! The Only Road is one of those albums that you can listen to from start to finish. Every song is outstanding with White Walls being my personal favored track! Remixes from The Only Road were released by Cosmic Gate, Genix, Myon, and Farius.

To follow up on the success of The Only Road, in October 2018, the duo announced they’re working on a follow-up album titled Remedy, also to be released on Anjunabeats. Gabriel and Dresden announced a Kickstarter campaign will be used to finance the new album as well. The duo disclosed they will be taking six months off touring to perfect the production process. Having the Kickstarter funds allows them to dedicate themselves fully to the album.

Gabriel & Dresden have been on a helluva ride since the release of The Only Road. The album has been immensely successful, they’ve been touring non-stop, and they recently announced their upcoming album Remedy. But the biggest news of all was their Grammy nomination in December!!!  

Who would have thought that two guys from opposite coasts of the U.S. would randomly meet and form a lasting bond that would result in the creation of some of the most beautiful and emotionally moving tracks. Gabriel & Dresden are masterful in telling stories and taking us on journeys with their music. If you’re anything like me, you’re anxiously waiting, and greatly anticipating the release of Remedy.

Gabriel and Dresden | Photo VIA artist FB

Featured Photo | VIA EDM Identity

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