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Fresh Music | Pirupa Gets Funky with “Crazy Horse”

by Fresh Music Freaks Staff

Italy’s own Pirupa is at it again dropping another massive EP that is sure to be a hit! “Crazy Horse”, is out now and already making waves across the dancefloor. This release premiers a remix of an old school favorite and a much deeper track that will show you Pirupa’s darker side.

Crazy Horse, the title track, is a groovy, stripped-back affair that leads with a tight percussion arrangement and slowly brings in a chopped-up, synth-heavy hook. Any old school raver will instantly recognize the infamous “White Horse” sample. This track brings back the nostalgia feel, but with a new twist and energy.

The B-side of the release, “WTF” shows off the deeper, darker side of Pirupa’s production palette. The track is led by a deep, rolling bassline that doesn’t let up throughout the release. WTF holds no punches from the first beat! You’re built up and dropped over and over again as the layers of effects and ravey synth stabs keep the energy turnt up! WTF is the perfect track to hear in the club to keep that lively vibe going; it’s pure high energy perfection.

Pirupa is a killer producer and that totally comes across in this release. This year is not going to be a quiet one for Pirupa, he is touring all over the globe and will be making his way through the States soon. You don’t want to miss checking out this talented DJ and producer in a city near you!

Pirupa at the decks dropping "Crazy Horse"
Click Image for Tour Date Info! | Image Via Dawn

*Featured Image | Via SoundCloud*

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