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Luca Maniaci Perception Research on Mind Games Records

Fresh Music | Luca Maniaci’s ‘Perception Research’ Plays Games With Your Mind!!!

by Meag Bo

Luca Maniaci has been experimenting with various styles of production and eventually landed on Techno music. Maniaci has produced over 100 tracks on labels such as Ovum, Flash, Area Remote, and many others. In addition, Luca has his own label which he launched in 2017, Mind Games Records.

Luca Maniaci’s debut album, ‘Perception Research’ comes out February 28th and reminds us of what techno albums used to consist of back in the day. Each track complementing the next, it is an odyssey of sound that captures one’s deepest emotions. With hard-hitting drums transitioning to melodious arrangements, you’re left with an impassioned rollercoaster of intonation.

The ambient intro is airy and delightful allowing one to imagine being away from the world’s distractions. It transitions into an uplifting track aptly entitled ‘Earth’. This song captures the ebb and flow of our planet, allowing one to picture a time-lapse of everything that surrounds us in equilibrium. Then, there is ‘Pantheon’ which tapers off a bit into something more graceful and tenuous. Both spiritually uplifting and whimsical, ‘Pantheon’ sets the tone for the following track, ‘Mind Games’ which is warm, enlightening, and humanizing.

Having suffered from depression and anxiety, Luca has taken to the studio to find peace and solace in music. ‘Perception Research’ gave Luca Maniaci new purpose, renewed meaning in his life, and gave him a brand new perspective on the world. Magnificently produced from start to finish, ‘Perception Research’ takes the listener on a delicately crafted expedition of harmony and unity. It’s a creation that one can listen to from beginning to end in a variety of settings.

Until Luca Maniaci’s ‘Perception Research’ drops on February 28th, check out his old school techno vibes on Spotify HERE.

Luca Maniaci Perception Research on Mind Games Records

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