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Kyau & Albert’s new album, NEVERLOST

Fresh Music | Indulge In Kyau and Albert’s Amazing New Album, “NEVERLOST” [Album GIVEAWAY]

by Nadine Pasterczyk

Creative team Ralph Kyau & Steven Albert, professionally known as Kyau & Albert, are no strangers to the electronic dance music empire. Accomplished DJs, Euphonic Records founders, and label mates, they solidify their prolific drive with a consistently packed touring schedule. On top of all that, they execute their monthly cutting-edge Euphonic Sessions radio show, and have now sealed their ambitious 6th studio album NEVERLOST. Released in phases beginning with 2 teaser EPs, NEVERLOST, the full album, is out now!

Already clocking significant interest and airplay, ‘The Night Sky’ is a bustling crossroads of pulsing and ethereal. ‘Under Your Spell’ is an expression of the spirited and the devoted, the latter utilizing the transcendental vocals of the duo’s own, Steven Albert. Round out these two polished tracks from EP1 with the mystifying ‘Don’t Need A Lesson’ and you have a revered trio of achievement.

The full album unfurls with a spectral ‘I Feel Love’ paving the way for the fluid pleasantries of ‘Reverie’ with Steve Brian and the reverb-laced, slow-step tempo of ‘Restless’. Add the lively sensuality of ‘Make It Home Tonight’ featuring Jeza and the soothing, phat wavering of ‘Tube Hearts’ and it makes for an eclectic mix of album artistry. Indulge, appease, and lose yourself in Kyau & Albert’s latest insatiable journey that is NEVERLOST.

This album really sparks a flare inside listeners. I have fond memories of tearing up the dance floor at Ultra Music Festival in Miami under the megastructure and when Armin Van Buuren dropped ‘The Night Sky’, I couldn’t help but throw my hands in the air. Pure bliss overcame my body and soul as the music took hold of me. And that’s what great music will do to you, like all the songs on this record.

Guess what?! Do you want a signed copy of the album? Well you’re in luck because you can get that here!

Kyau & Albert’s new album, NEVERLOST
Click on the image to hear the full album!

Tour Dates:

3/1 – Calgary, AB (CA) @ Marquee
3/2 – London, ON (CA) @ Rum Runners
3/8 – Kansas City, MO (US) @ Union 18
3/9 – Seattle, WA (US) @ ORA
3/15 – Houston, TX (US) @ Gravity
3/16 – Hollywood, CA (US) @ Avalon
3/29 – Miami, FL (US) @ tba
4/6 – Paris (FR) @ L’Officine
4/21 – Berlin (DE) @ A Seven
6/1 – Prague (CZ) @ CityFest
6/28 – Bloemendaal aan Zee (NL) @ Luminosity Beach Festival

*Featured Image Via Kyau & Albert’s Facebook*

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