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Fresh Music | JOYRYDE Drops New HARD Track …and ‘IM GONE’!!!

by Tom Fairfax

The electronic event powerhouse company, HARD, has officially moved into the label space, and the first release that’s graced the imprint is a single from JOYRYDE, titled “IM GONE“. It’s a taste of JOYRYDE’s album, which will serve as HARD Rec’s inaugural full-length release. The track seamlessly fits into the HARD brand that we all know and love.

“IM GONE” is a high energy track, with all the trademark elements of electronic dance music: hard lyrics, pounding bass, and exciting buildups and drops. It’s also unusual and beautiful with emotional elements of melancholic piano riffs. JOYRYDE’s talent as a producer and storyteller is on full display on this track, and makes us excited for what’s to come on his album. It will no doubt detonate the dance floor and bewilder listeners with the eerie nature of the added instrumentals.

While it’s beautiful to listen to, this song goes hard and is a perfect debut release on the label.

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