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Fresh Music | Gia Woods is Gonna Steal Your “New Girlfriend”

by Fresh Music Freaks Staff

Once again, Gia Woods, the queer, genre-blurring, culture-shifting Los Angeles singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist delivers a downright catchy, clever, and cheeky anthem in “New Girlfriend”. With Gia singing “I like, I like her more than you,” it instantly made me think of comedienne DeAnne Smith’s stand up set where she talks about nabbing a formerly straight woman because straight men need to step up their game. If you haven’t seen it, you’re missing out on some LOL, so catch it HERE.

Gia Woods leapt into the pop culture consciousness with a bold, brazen, and brilliant style of her own. Her breakout single “Only A Girl” earned praise from Billboard, millions of streams, and over 10 million YouTube views. As she quietly attracted a following, she wrote and sang on Matoma’s 2017 hit “Heart Won’t Forget,” which generated over 32 million Spotify streams. Now, she has positioned herself to be a game-changer in 2019. Her mainstream breakthrough feels imminent.

Gia is about honesty, openness, and making a statement, no matter how provocative. “Sometimes, things can be better left un-said, but that’s when I usually like to put them in a song and say what your heart and mind might be feeling, Gia comments. This is unsurprising considering that her video for “Only A Girl” was how her Persian family found out she was queer.

She teamed up with Nylon to share the music video, which gleefully revives the black-and-white sexy simplicity of iconic nineties Calvin Klein commercials.

Nylon praises Gia for “serving up the lesbian diss that satisfies all the same petty cravings of Ariana Grande’s “break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored,” and Avril Lavigne’s “Girlfriend,” but is free of any internalized misogyny.” It speaks to themes of female empowerment, sexual freedom, and extinguishing taboo with style and substance. Artists like Katy Perry attempted to give a nod to these themes over a decade ago, yet “I Kissed a Girl” completely missed the mark as it appealed most directly to men. Or women who wanted to impress men with tales of their college sorties.

“New Girlfriend” arrives hot on the heels of her 2019 lead-off “Jump The Fence”. It’s already closing in on 200K Spotify streams and earning widespread acclaim. PAPER Mag declared, “Gia Woods’ new summer bop will melt your frozen heart,” and Billboard wrote, “Everything about Gia Woods’ return feels spot-on with ‘Jump The Fence’, a breathy pop earworm packed with tribal-like pulsations and distant howls that matches the musical climate while maintaining an undeniable edge.”

Get ready for Gia Woods to transform pop like never before this year as she releases new music monthly!

4/8 — School Night — Los Angeles, CA
5/5 — Sun Fest — West Palm Beach, FL

Gia Woods: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

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