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Fresh Music | deadmau5 Gets Weird With 3rd Installment of mau5ville

by Aimee Rivas

The New Year has started with a BANG for deadmau5! He’s been a very busy guy over the last two months. Not only has he released the original score to Netflix film Polar, but he’s also released the third installment of his mau5ville series on his label mau5trap.

mau5ville level 3 starts out strong! “Polyphobia” brings deep, banging, hard beats out of the gate on the first track. As the album progresses you are transported into a sea of multiple genres. You don’t know where the next track will take you.

deadmau5 is known for being a master remixer and able to take you from one side of the spectrum to the other and it’s shown perfectly on this new release. You go from hearing hard, banging, glitchy electro beats to the urban rhymes of Shotty Horroh. Then the album takes you to beautiful piano melodies combined with the deep, melodic lyrical elegance on “Hurricane”.

mau5ville: level 3 follows level 1 and level 2 which were released in 2018. mau5ville: level 1 included “Monophobia” featuring Rob Swire, deadmau5’s most successful radio track to date. Currently supporting 8.5 million Spotify streams!

mau5ville: level 2 includes Drama Free featuring Lights. In the spirit of continuity, deadmau5 teamed up again for its video with special effects mastermind Nick DenBoer who did “Monophobia”. The oddball characters from the epic house party in “Monophobia” are back for a clip featuring a special performance with Lights.

Among the ten tracks on mau5ville: level 3, the release contains two new deadmau5 productions “Polyphobia” and “Glivch”. deadmau5 also showcases the talent from his label mau5trap with “Are You Not Afraid“, a new collab with mau5trap artist U.K. rapper Shotty Horroh, supported with remixes by J. Worra and C.O.Z. The album closes with tracks from up and coming mau5trap artists No Mana and C.O.Z.

This album is all over the place but somehow every song fits perfectly. You are taken on a rollercoaster of genres and sounds. This release showcases deadmau5’s ability to blend musical elements seamlessly. If you liked the first two mau5ville releases, you will not be disappointed with the third installment!

deadmau5 mau5ville: level 3 Shotty Horroh Rob Swire
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*Featured Image of deadmau5 Via rukes.com*

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Jaclyn Brez February 10, 2019 - 7:03 PM

I was all about the costumes in Polar….then i saw the sdtk credit and enjoying the music made sense

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