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Fresh Music - January 29, 2019

Fresh Music | All Day I Dream’s Smoooooooth Winter Sampler

Fresh Music Freaks Staff


Welcome in spring with a compilation that reminds you of the beauty of the sun on a crisp winter day.

Even if you wish you were frolicking in the warm rays of summer, All Day I Dream label creative, Lee Burridge, will have you in deep appreciation for the still and distinct beauty of the winter sun. As we transition into spring awakening, the All Day I Dream ‘Winter Sampler’ emulates a bright, ethereal, and crisp winter vibe. The compilation features 13 tracks from both new and old label favorites including Newman, Rowee, Facundo Mohrr, Modd, Essáy, Simon Vuarambon, Hauy, Hermanez, Fulltone, Roy Rosenfeld, Amonita, Makebo, and Yuichiro Kotani and Hiroyuki Kajino.

The All Day I Dream Winter Sampler is calming and smooth and serves as the perfect transition into the energized spring weather. The artists featured emote what it feels like to be standing in a quiet snow-covered field, cold yet warm from the far-away rays of sunshine, while the crystal-like ice slowly melts away, giving way to new life. As you listen, imagine yourself joining this all-star collective in welcoming the winter sun while it still lasts.