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Interview - December 31, 2018

The Freaky Five Q&A | Dr. Fresch | [Decadence AZ Interview]

Got a case of the winter blues? Well, the doctor is in. Dr. Fresch that is. We had the chance to interview him for his "Freaky Five" at Decadence AZ!

Five Questions and Answers that Make help us get know the Doctor even better!

Got a case of the winter blues? Well, the doctor is in. Dr. Fresch that is. Operating on your heartstrings with his frontier “Future Ghetto” sound will cure your blues and get those feet moving.

It’s recommended you listen to any number of his mix series’ 50 plus doses of “The Prescription”. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, but Dr. Fresch’s fresh music is intended to treat, cure, and prevent any disease.

Sometimes you just want to know an artist is just like you. It is refreshing to know that they are human and enjoy the real things in life.

Our Editor in Chief sat down with Dr. Fresch to ask him five freaky questions before his set at Decadence AZ, leaving all of us #fomo green with envy!

FMF: Pineapple on pizza?

Dr. Fresch: Not a fan. No, I like Hawaii but keep those things separate. For me, it’s just I do mix a lot of foods but the sweet and the savory. I’d rather have just the pizza with ham.

FMF: That’s good stuff. Um, I’m, I’m the same way. I think it’s an abomination to pizza.

FMF: Two things that make you happy?.

Dr. Fresch: Sushi and my family.

FMF: That’s awesome. I love that. Family is important and I’m a huge pescatarian myself. So when get my protein, it’s most definitely sushi.

FMF: What’s your favorite destination?

Dr. Fresch: Oh man, home. It’s my Mom’s house, home. But as far as wordly destinations, Japan. Absolutely.

FMF: What’s a TV show you’re hyped on right now?

Dr. Fresch: “Better Call Saul” (Laughing) Just got into “Breaking Bad” for the first time earlier this year and that rolled into me watching “Better Call Saul”. I’m about to finish season two and I’m stoked on it.

FMF: (Laughing) That’s awesome.

FMF: What’s your favorite color?

Dr. Fresch: It was green when I was growing up. I was obsessed with it. I even wrote a paper in high school about the color green and I used a lot of examples from literature.

FMF: Was it like a deep forest green or was it just any shade of green?  

Dr Fresch: Any shade of green. I feel like my favorite green growing up was an 80’s almost neon green. A strong “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” green. It’s become purple though. I think green and purple work well together within that they’re a part of that same 80’s color palette too. So I kind of  was wearing a lot of that street wear. I started wearing more and more purple and eventually dyeing my hair purple and blue ya know? That’s the flavor of the month right now.

FMF: Tell me something you want to tell your fans that they might not know.

Dr. Fresch: I’m launching a record label next month. Prescription Records will launch January 16th. We’re dropping a compilation to get it going then it will be a pretty regular schedule of releases from then on. It’s a big move. I’m really excited.

Dr. Fresch
Dr. Fresch | Photo via Alex Terranova