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‘Follow Me’ As We Go ‘Running’ Towards This Week’s New Music | ICYMI Monday

by Guest Contributor

Luttrell – ‘Music For My Memories’

Luttrell presents his third album, ‘Music For My Memories’. A brand new interpretation of his acclaimed trilogy of Memories EPs, blended into a unique continuous mix featuring much-loved singles ‘Just A Dream’, ‘More Than Human’ and ‘Operation Midnight’.

Xijaro & Pitch – ‘Sic Parvis Magna (Yoshi & Razner Remix)’

Yoshi & Razner service their perfectly executed version of the already huge ‘Sic Parvis Magna’ by XiJaro & Pitch on ZYX Trance. Their production credentials is your guarantee to get the power booster that will stand out as a peak time selection in your future trance sets. The incredible melody of the original is reworked in various sound settings to deliver satisfaction and transfer listeners to a higher level. This is a straight to the point trancer that stays true to its promise of an unforgettable sonic journey that sounds huge on any festival or club sound system, yet feels great in your cozy living-room.

Richard Durand x HALIENE – ‘Give Your Heart A Home’

With the album primed for release early in the New Year, ‘Give Your Heart A Home’ — the next ‘Reactivate’ trailblazer — also represents a first-time pairing with HALIENE. With his production Richard Durand gives the floor no cause for pause, burning it up at pace with a no-prisoners b-line and the most tenacious of kick-drums. From the assured confidence of its verse to its empathetic-through-euphoric chorus, tonally HALIENE’s song arcs the full emotional range, serving yet another stunning example of her vocal abilities.

Sam Feldt x Rita Ora – ‘Follow Me’

“For me, ‘Follow Me’ is all about being there for a special someone, and sticking with them even when times get tough. Working with Rita Ora on this one was a dream come true. I’ve been a fan of her voice and work for a long time, so I love the fact we were finally able to do a song together. The whole process, from writing the song to filming the music video in the California desert, was so much fun and I hope this resonates in the track for the listener!”

Sam Feldt 

Crazy Frog – ‘Tricky’

Resplendent in his birthday suit — as nature intended and as his public has come to expect — Crazy Frog returns with a typically anarchic balls-out banger ‘Tricky’. 

NEVERGLOW – ‘Instafamous (feat. MORY)’

Remember The Chainsmokers’ ‘#Selfie’? Here’s a welcome response at the height of look-at-me culture from NEVERGLOW – no filter, no holds barred club beats in a bassline garage style, ramped up by a snotty, brattish vocal from MORY popping bubblegum in the direction of Ke$ha, Fergie and Princess Superstar. Those obsessed with their phones might not get the joke being played by the Eindhoven pair, but they’ll soon understand once those eski-beat-style bass chords start slicing through the club: ‘Instafamous’ gains potency as the track progresses, packing the glorious wobble of dynamite-laced jelly.

Morgan Page x BVRNOUT – ‘I Love It’

“Excited for everyone to hear my collab with BVRNOUT! I’ve been a fan of his music for a while, regularly featuring it in my live streams and sets. His promos wound up in my inbox one day and I knew he was a special producer that had some serious talent. I’ve been teasing ‘I Love It’ in my live sets for a few months and it’s finally out!” 

Morgan Page

Benda – ‘Broward Bezel’

Benda makes a mark with his new multifaceted project ‘Broward Bezel’. Out now on Excision’s growing Subsidia imprint, this combustive 5 track release is the second EP to be announced from the young producer. Loaded with an array of tectonic sounds and incendiary lines, ‘Broward Bezel’ EP is a striking feat brimming with tunes holding potential to provoke any crowd.

Flexxus – ‘You’

When it comes to playfully flirting like a professional, German dance giant Flexxus has the soundtrack to watch budding love unfold, nothing but a good time on its mind and simultaneously telling you summertime will last forever with ‘You’. Also making eyes at mainstream outlets with its most melodic of piano grooves and vocals that could melt butter, Flexxus is only to be listened to in an open top jeep, scaling the winding roads of the Balearics with your best friends in the back. Teenage kicks are so hard to beat with this one.

Eric Sharp – ‘Like Water (feat. Doe Paoro)’

“Throughout my life I’ve sought serenity heavily – serenity is calm within the storm, not absence of a storm. Water has the ability to be still and deep, or adapt to the fast pace of rushing rapids, and everything in between.”

Eric Sharp on ‘Like Water

Anyma – ‘Running’

Pioneering musical concept Anyma returns with new EP ‘Running’.  A two-part release encompassing both an NFT and the EP audio, ‘Running’ is a further exploration into the magnetic sound Anyma has pioneered across previous releases. The two-tracker opens with the captivating title track, a club-ready creation which features the soaring vocals of Nashville-born singer-songwriter Meg Myers and lyrically draws from the Kate Bush classic ‘Running Up That Hill’ (A Deal With God)’. On the flipside, the striding bass steps and calculated grooves of ‘Walking’ further cements Anyma’s well-deserved spot in the limelight.

DJ SODA x Hard Lights x Flaremode – ‘Closer To The Sun (feat. Storme)’

Multi-talented artist DJ SODA joins forces with Hard Lights and Flaremode with her new single ‘Closer To The Sun’, which is out now on the NFT-fueled Purple Fly label, featuring vocals by Storme. Opening with a deep, tech-house influenced bassline, SODA artfully weaves in jazzy instrumentals and breathy vocals for a track that feels truly groove-worthy. ‘Closer To The Sun’ calls to mind sunset cocktails and dancing by the water on balmy summer nights, creating the perfect vibe whether you’re on vacation or simply dreaming about it.

Hi I’m Ghost – ‘Death Rail (Remixes)’

“‘Death Rail’ was and still is such a big song for us. Hearing crowds all around the US scream “HELLO AND WELCOME TO THE DEATH RAIL” has truly been just unreal. We wanted to do something special for it, for the fans. We loved how much crowd reaction the original track had that we couldn’t keep from making the VIP for too long.”

Hi I’m Ghost

R3HAB x Mr Eazi x Wafia – ‘I Wanna Run Away’

R3HAB joins forces with leading African artist Mr Eazi and Gold-certified alt-pop singer/songwriter Wafia for the newest single ‘I Wanna Run Away’, which exemplifies their diverse capabilities as artists who can cross genre boundaries with sophisticated ease. Drawing on all three artists’ unique sounds, ‘I Wanna Run Away’ combines dance, pop and African influences to create an upbeat, catchy sound that appeals to listeners across the musical spectrum. Opening with organic instrumental chords and a reggae-inspired vocal hook, the track builds gradually into upbeat melodies that sound like they could be playing from the beach on a tropical island.

Futuristic Polar Bears x MasterCraft UK – ‘Withcraft (feat. Jaimes)’

Futuristic Polar Bears’ newest release ‘Witchcraft’ with MasterCraft UK, featuring Jaimes, is a sultry, progressive house gem out on NFT-fueled label Purple Fly. In an exciting fusion of music, art, and sports, the release is paired with an NFT and giveaway of a custom boat from premium maker MasterCraft UK, which also actively participated in the track’s production process. If the soulful vocals, upbeat melodies and undulating synths of ‘Witchcraft’ isn’t enough, then the possibility of winning MasterCraft UK’s NXT 20 motorboat personalized by Moschino’s designer Stefano Lo Muzio should be the icing on the cake.

Infekt – ‘Monkey Dance’

Tap into the riddim. Infekt returns to Disciple Records with ‘Money Dance’ — a standout track on the label’s ‘Alliance Vol. 7’ compilation. The track reels you in with a mischievous hook of distorted instrumentals and seamlessly builds up into an eruptive drop that will have your head banging against the rails.

Kasablanca – ‘Cronus / Volition’

Swathed in classic Kasablanca technical grit, ‘Volition’ powerfully follows the pair’s enthralling ‘Cronus’. Hypnotic vocal chops echo throughout the nearly 5-minute track as its oscillating kick propels its fervent energy. A rapturous club-infused display of technical prowess, ‘Volition’ is suited for the underground. Seamlessly combining elements of both progressive and melodic techno, Kasablanca’s ‘Cronus’ debuted in November as part one of their two-track project. Traversing through tranquil breakdowns and blood-pumping build ups, the duo stimulates the senses in ‘Cronus’ overwhelming melodic abundance.

TIBASKO – ‘Hibiscus’

“One of our favorite aspects of music production is searching through our record collections and online and discovering exceptional samples. Stumbling across this beautiful vocal by Nahawa Doumbia melded perfectly with the ideas we envisioned for this track. ‘Hibiscus’ works to facilitate the gorgeous vocal sample amidst an organic wave of plucking synths and bolstered by tight and powerful percussive elements. Creating the lead arp that appears in the second drop was also very fun to make, it’s reminiscent of the sound design found in tracks from the likes of Joris Voorn and Stephan Bodzin that we both love.”


Ultra Naté x Red Hot Organization – ‘Red Hot Mode’

For this first installation of ‘Red Hot Mode’, Ultra Naté digs into a rich vault of music, choosing songs from her own discography, as well as favorites by other artists that have remained constant companions throughout her life’s journey. Giving listeners the backstory behind just a few of them across the hour-long episode, this is a rare and unique opportunity for music fans to hear the iconic performer speak personally about the music that matters to her. 

*Featured image via Luttrell, Sam Feldt, Anyma and Crazy Frog*

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