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‘Feel No Pain’ And Get Into The Right ‘Headspace’ With This Week’s New Music | Fresh Music Friday

by Guest Contributor

Ummet Ozcan x Will Sparks – ‘APEX’

Ummet Ozcan and Will Sparks look to the future, they each brought their all on ‘Apex’.  Listeners will be delighted with the song’s futuristic arrangement and hypnotic beats – perfect for clubs and festivals around the globe. The track’s strong bass is punctuated with snappy synth and robotic vocals, resulting in an out-of-this-world vibe that’s sure to become the perfect summertime banger.

Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano x Novak – ‘Jungle Ego’

A collab between label bosses Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano and SONO Music regular Novak, ‘Jungle Ego’ is the first banger taken from the Dutch duo’s new three-track EP. Sporting deep, low-register vocals, persistent percussion loops and a dark, club-rocking attitude, this track will make the crowd go wild in seconds.

Franky Wah x AR/CO – ‘Under The Sun (Vintage Culture Remix)’

Injecting a dose of deep, dancefloor energy, the Vintage Culture remix of ‘Under The Sun’ centres around an invigorating bassline that constantly evolves across the track.

Codeko – ‘Sad Reality (feat. Casey Cook)’

“‘Sad Reality’ is one of those songs that came together incredibly quickly – once I heard Casey Cook’s vocals I sat down with a guitar it just clicked, and a few hours later I recorded the basis for the entire song. The verse guitar harmonies create the ‘bittersweet’ I wanted, and the synth-heavy drop provides the energy. It took a bit more work to get the two elements to blend together cohesively, but the end result is a track I’m very fond of.”


Para X – ‘Cold Shadows’

Para X serves his newest trance gem ‘Cold Shadows’ via ZYX Trance. This track features thundering, head crashing beats, tough metallic bass lines, pumping kicks with crazy acid lines on top to add aggression and roughness. An atmospheric, mesmerising breakdown leads effortlessly to the climax which highlights the emotional value of the main, infectious melody.

4B x Diesel – ‘Shut Up (feat. Trick Daddy)’

There’s no doubt that Jersey Shore-based producer 4B knows how to start a party, and look no further than his new collaboration with Diesel (aka Shaquille O’Neal) and Florida-based veteran rapper Trick Daddy to be your new weekend soundtrack. ‘Shut Up’ goes hard out of the gate with a menacing bassline and sinister, serrating synths, all complemented with Trick Daddy’s hyped rapping. The track is hard-hitting with plenty of rhythms, providing just the vibe for your summertime clubbing or house party with your friends.

AVIAN GRAYS – ‘Pretender (feat. Nazzereene )’

A super-catchy crossover song of significant replay value, ‘Pretender’ showcases just how multi-faceted AVIAN GRAYS’ production aesthetic is. Incredibly easy on the ear whilst achieving the perfect balance between the light grooves and the honeyed vocals of Aussie songstress Nazzereene, this is one of those tracks listeners can vibe to for multiple hours straight.

GRiZ – ‘Feel No Pain’

First debuted last month during GRiZ’s headline set at Electric Forest, ‘Feel No Pain’ is a vibrant combination of GRiZ’s classic funk and dubstep influences. Riddled with groovy basslines and lush saxophone melodies, ‘Feel No Pain’ is highlighted by the iconic ‘Trenchtown Rock’ line “One good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain”. Capturing the energetic essence of the dancefloor, ‘Feel No Pain’ takes fans on an enchanting sonic journey.

Esseks – ‘The Uncertain Future’

“These songs [‘The Uncertain Future’] were written during a time in my life where a lot was changing and it was causing me a lot of stress and anxiety. I chose to make my own kind of tarot cards for the art because to me they represent the anxious need to try and predict or control the future.”


Pablo Nouvelle – ‘Somos Solo Cuerpos II’

Inspired by – and made to soundtrack – a short film by Erika Lust, Pablo Nouvelle’s Somos Solo Cuerpos’ is a hymn to uninhibited, self-determined devotion and sensuality. Led by experimental grooves and melodious elements of the most tantalizing nature, this track will entrance listeners like a sun slowly sinking below the horizon.

French Original – ‘Souvenir’

French Original is one of electro pop and dance music’s fastest growing visionaries. A genre-fluid multi-instrumentalist, producer, remixer, songwriter, and vocalist, French Original returns with his 4-track EP ‘Souvenir’.  

Zac Samuel x MØØNE – ‘Follow Me’

Transporting listeners to a Tulum beach party, Zac Samuel and MØØNE’sFollow Me’ comes with a harmonious atmosphere of the most alluring nature. Striking a perfect balance between the angelic vocals, pulsating bass and euphonious chords, this track will keep listeners hooked from start to finish no matter the amount of replays.

Mike Tohr – ‘Whales’

Belgian DJ and producer Mike Tohr comes up trumps with his second-ever offering to the label. Gradually building atmosphere and suspense en route toward the breakdown and minimal drop, ‘Whales’ is a solid club production that will have no trouble filling out dance floors.

Mauro Venti – ‘Sirens’

“I am still speechless when thinking about the fact that I have signed to Hot Creations – at the moment I still don’t realise what has happened! I will always be grateful to Jamie for this opportunity and for believing in my music. It feels like I’m living in a dream! Regarding my ‘Sirens’ EP, the tracks are a mix of different styles, each of which remind me of the summer season in Ibiza. I always try to produce new and varied music, as a way of constantly expanding my musical sphere.”

Mauro Venti

Sintra x Jack Vice – ‘Headspace’

Joining forces for their brand new collaboration, Sintra and Jack Vice deliver ‘Headspace’, their latest original endeavor which is certain to turn heads. The melodic house tune serves up a deep and groovy production, perfectly coupled with a contagiously velvet vocal and a topline you’ll be singing along to almost instantaneously. 

Alexis Samaan x Amber Long – ‘Heavyweight’

Your ears will draw their attention toward ‘Heavyweight’ which is out via Trinidad Traxx. What really does it for us, is Amber Long’s vocals. She gets to the core of the Rave Scene, this track deserves to be in EVERY arsenal and played at EVERY spot it can be. It is a nod to the Great Reset as well as touches on Past, Present AND FUTURE of the scene! 

Myd – ‘Domino (Remixes)’

Myd released three brand new remixes of ‘Domino’. From UK house and disco legend Dan Shake, the first remix brings us to the dance floor adding glittering synths, a punching bassline, and distorting Myd’s vocals to lengthen the track to a climaxing crescendo  The remix EP also includes a ‘Festival Mix’ from Myd, and new ‘Dub’ remix from Ed Banger label boss Pedro Winter

Serge Devant – ‘Hush Hush’

US talent Serge Devant makes a welcome return to Crosstown Rebels in July with the three-track ‘Hush Hush’ EP. Damian Lazarus’ flagship label is familiar territory for the NYC talent, where he’s made several acclaimed appearances since 2015.

1991 – ‘Feels’

Continuing his hot streak, UK dance music tastemaker 1991 has unveiled new single ‘Feels’. ‘Feels’ is a powerful, euphoric D&B anthem that features vocals written and performed by fast-rising singer-songwriter Issey Cross. Sure to dominate festival stages this Summer, it precedes the release of his long awaited debut album ‘Odyssey’.


Inspired by an eclectic upbringing in Reunion Island, producer and multi-instrumentalist NASAYA is a versatile electronic crossover artist. He now returns to Foreign Family Collective with his new single ‘CIEL’. 

*Featured image via GRiZ, Sintra, Jack Vice and Codeko*

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