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Feed Me With Teeth tour for his mau5trap release High Street Creeps

Feed Me Devours the Charts and Takes On North America… With Teeth

by Jackie McGuire

Feed Me’s second full-length release, High Street Creeps, debuted at #1 on iTunes Electronic Albums chart! I would honestly have been more surprised if it hadn’t, I’ve legitimately alternated between listening to the album on loop and singing songs from it since it dropped. This is the artist’s ninth release on mau5trap and on the off chance you haven’t been religiously reading my articles (of course you have!), you should check out my first impressions here. Imagine my delight when the official tour announcement for ‘With Teeth’ landed in my inbox… it went something like this:

Feed Me is kicking off his summer tour in Boston, MA on June 12. If I don’t catch him in my old hometown, I’m sure I’ll get to see him at least few times, as he’s hitting a number of major US cities, including New York, Washington D.C.. Philadelphia, Chicago, Detroit, Denver, Salt Lake City and Seattle, with more dates to be added. Each show will highlight material from his current 10-track work among other productions. Rumor has it, special guest announcements will also be happening sooner rather than later.

Why do I love this monster so much? He’s brutally fucking honest. His commentary in Pulse on the plethora of plastic rockstars in EDM is well worth a quick read. “Anyone who’s willing to use their platform to really speak out honestly and without fear is doing it right, especially in an age of censorship, conspiracy and corporate sponsorship. It’s refreshing to understand first hand that you really can say fuck the system and do it your own way. You can connect that thought directly to the fans now, without anyone being able to put a hand on your shoulder and say ‘are you sure that’s a good idea?’ I love the rawness of that.”

Feed Me With Teeth tour for his mau5trap release High Street Creeps
Feed Me keeps it real… with slightly more sanity than Kanye

When it comes to trying new shit and not being afraid to test creative limits, Feed Me is also the embodiment of experimentation. As he so eloquently put it, “otherwise why the fuck am I here?”

Of the setup for his upcoming tour, he shared that “Building the ‘Teeth’ show is probably my proudest achievement. It was the ultimate way to present what I do and a creative dream, to combine a big array of memories and chaos into something fully structured. It represents me getting my lifestyle under control and I feel like I can move forward with more speed now, it’s a total release.”

Tickets officially go on sale Friday, March 8 but fans can pre-register now for the pre-sale launching Tuesday, March 5. Local pre-sales launch Thursday, March 7 by clicking below!

Feed Me ‘With Teeth’ Tour | Click to pre-register for tickets!

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