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‘Escape’ The Everyday And Start A ‘New Day’ With This Week’s New Music | Fresh Music Friday

by Guest Contributor

Kx5 – ‘Escape (feat. Hayla)’

deadmau5 and Kaskade are excited to announce they have officially joined forces to form a unique collaborative union Kx5. The project makes its formal debut with the release of ‘Escape (feat. Hayla)’, a brand new single featuring rising British singer-songwriter Hayla. Kx5 will make its live performance debut in May at EDC Las Vegas.

Armin van Buuren x R3HAB – ‘Love We Lost’

“What I love so much about ‘Love We Lost‘ is the special message it holds. Narrated to perfection by Simon Ward, the lyrics tell us that some things are worth fighting for even if the odds are stacked against us. I’m super stoked to have produced this track in tandem with R3HAB, as I think very highly of him. I hope everyone who listens to the record will feel as inspired as we did when we created this song.”

Armin van Buuren

Kasablanca – ‘Human Learning (Remixes, Pt. 2)’

On top of the five previous remixes comes another quintuple track collection that underlines the broad appeal of Kasablanca’sHuman Learning’ EP. Featuring a fresh take from Khrebto on ‘Alive’ as well as reimaginations from premier artists such as Matt Fax, AVIRA, Geoffrey Murdock and Erly Tepshi, this second remix pack is the only reason fans need to occupy the dance floor and start living in the moment.

Claas Inc. – ‘Flug Auf Dem Glücksdrachen’

Claas Inc. from Hamburg with releases on top labels like Ablazing and Dean Beatz now presents on Technoclub Retro his own recreation of the classic ‘Flug Auf Dem Glücksdrachen’. It includes the well-known melody from the German cult movie The NeverEnding Story. His version is powerful and energetic to the max with hints of the well-known happy hard trance from Hamburg. The track reels with bouncy beats, pounding kicks and driving bass lines while the breakdown is long and atmospheric. The climax is banging with a spotlight on that ethereal magical melody. Your essential trance tune!

AÏA – ‘Sleeping In A Storm’

Emerging act AÏA delivers a track that expertly blends his classical background with his journey into melodic techno. With a gorgeous, vocal-infused breakdown as the calm in between the chaos, ‘Sleeping In A Storm’ is a record that captivates listeners every step of the way.

Blasterjaxx x Sevenn – ‘Chupa’

“This is a club banger, meant for festivals and champagne-infused nightclubs. ‘Chupa’ was especially fun to make. During the production process, I learned a lot working with Blasterjaxx. Stay tuned for the Hybrid Techno edit of ‘Chupa’ – it’s darker than my ex’s heart.”


Karen Overton – ‘Your Loving Arms (ALPHA 9 Remix)’

Over a decade and a half after its original release, Karen Overton’sYour Loving Arms’ is being resurrected by none other than ARTY under his ALPHA 9 moniker. Club-tailored, delightfully progressive and at least as suspenseful, this modern version will rule dance floors for a long time to come.

Alison Wonderland – ‘New Day’

After coming through a period of darkness, ‘New Day’ is the sound of Alison Wonderland falling in love with life and the potential each day holds. The song, which she wrote and produced, seamlessly melds acoustic and ambient elements to create a cinematic soundscape that sets the stage for an illuminating journey.

John O’Callaghan x Kathryn Gallagher – ‘Mess Of A Machine (Billy Gillies Remix)’

Remixing one of his all-time favs, Northern-Irish producer Billy Gillies turns in a piece that’s equally dark and uplifting. From Kathryn Gallagher’s mystic vocals to the destructive kick-bass combo and the phenomenal melody that lifts listeners off their feet, this 2022 rendition of John O’Callaghan’sMess Of A Machine’ is without a doubt a debut release done right.

Anfisa Letyago – ‘Liquid’

Courtesy of Anfisa Letyago, ‘Liquid’ immediately sets the scene for a peerless dining experience in Antwerp’s The Jane. Representing groove, atmosphere, suspense and sonic sophistication in equal parts, this free-form track serves up a sound that will prove even more irresistible with every repeated play.

Yamil x G. Zamora – ‘Cosa Buena (AMÉMÉ Remix)’

The combination of AMÉMÉ, Yamil and G. Zamora bring high-grade house music together with the heritage and folklore of Afro and Latin rhythms. The original version of ‘Cosa Buena‘ is transformed into an edgy percussive landscape with rising shafts of bass and pulsing sequences full of tension. As the groove builds and the vocal evolves, synth lines offset the rhythm, and the original keys ghost in and out as bouncing synth plucks crescendo towards a dramatic final passage.

Carola & Adrian Mønteiro – ‘Run’

Brazilian dance music starlet Carola touches down on the Amsterdam-, New York- and London-based record label again with her next prime production. Made in tandem with Adrian Mønteiro, ‘Run’ is the kind of club-tailored, bass-driven record that won’t have any trouble adding some extra oomph to late-night parties. 

Lauren Mia x Stil & Bense – ‘Existence’

Glistening with articulately harmonized melodic techno elements, ‘Existence’ brims with mystique and romanticism. Lauren Mia’s articulately executed, driving production prowess is complemented exquisitely by Stil & Bense’s quintessential, minimal bass lines. Structured to be a sensible, sensorily stimulating listening experience, both parties contribute dynamic melody and percussion that places the unique intersection between the two artist’s musical identities on display.

New Hype – ‘Love Again (Amit Levy Remix)’

Jumping onto the fast lane to international fame, Israel’s Amit Levy targets global dance floors with his tempestuous rendition of New Hype’s Love Again’. Alternating between the original vocal hook and scorching drops that underline the track’s foreboding demeanor, this winning entry for the corresponding Armada University remix contest is just the sonic thrill late-night parties need.

Andrea Oliva – ‘Cala Bass’

A triple threat of Ibiza anthems, Andrea Oliva’s Cala Bass’ is any dance music fan’s ultimate temptation. With heavy percussion loops and bouncing bass grooves at the core of each of the three offerings, this multi-track release will surely bring the heat to dance floors and beach parties alike.

Worakls – ‘Hiba’

Coinciding with the announcement of his next Orchestra European tour, slated for this fall, Worakls is back with a gorgeous new single ‘Hiba’ (which means “gift from the bottom of the heart” in Arabic) on his own label, Sonate. This ethereal and powerful track is a build-up tension perfectly interpreted by Sophie Pondjiclis, a lyrical soprano formerly in the Opéra de Paris. The tension culminates with a dark and powerful explosion of electro-orchestral production from Worakls.

Kice – ‘Stuck With You’

Kice delivers what he cites as the biggest track of his career, ‘Stuck With You’. Upping the ante, his first single of the year is a sensual piano-house cut that oozes flavor, euphoria, and intoxicating melodies. Further exemplifying Kice’s versatility as a producer, his latest is unlike anything the Chicago-based multi-talent has ever made.

Zack Gray – ‘What It Used To Be’

Weaving himself further into the fabric of interpersonal relationships, Zack Gray’s latest offering hits another sensitive spot from the heartbroken spectrum. It’s a highly relatable track that delves into the dangers of dating in the digital age. It opens up with his own distinctive crooning, as he rummages through remorseful recollections that unfold over somber, lilting piano keys. The emotion hits the high water mark as he adds muted drum hits and drama-packed strings that converge into a flood of emotive synth swells and tinkling 808s. From the afflicted topline to the equally doleful mood of his captivating production, ‘What It Used To Be’ touches on the high wire act of navigating the intricacies of love in the face of social media, lies, infidelity, and the scrutiny of the public’s eye. 

Francesco Parente x Josh Kalker – ‘Lost In Paradise (feat. David Blank)’

An infectious bassline entices you from the start on Francesco Parente and Josh Kalker’s Lost In Paradise’, as the uplifting chords and sensual tones of David Blank’s vocal make an invigorating and euphoric ride for the dancefloor. On the remix, intricate drum patterns set the pace. Minimal undertones bubble throughout, as the track unfolds with hypnotic vocal cuts, leading to a buildup that will be sure to make the crowd erupt.

XAVAGE – ‘Knockin’

If you thought XAVAGE didn’t have more up his sleeve for 2022, we’ve got news for you! Back with his second release of the year, XAVAGE sends his love of wub bass and gritty trap to new heights in this slick dubstep heater. XAVAGE delivers another sizzling track, you’re gonna hear him ‘Knockin‘!

Marc Romboy x Oniris – ‘First Blush’

First Blush was made after Marc Romboy went down to the South of France for a studio session in the studio of Oniris earlier last year. Oniris is a long-time friend, who previously released on Bedrock, Ovum and of course Astropolis. ‘First Blush’ is a melodic stomper which has been in many playlists throughout some well known DJs over the past few months already.

Jonas Rathsman – ‘Heartbeat’

“I was continuously hitting the creative wall in the studio, and I couldn’t shake it off! It wasn’t until I went away for my first club show since restrictions lifted back in November that I felt the fog lift! And then I understood myself better – the more I reconnected with people, the more I reconnected with creativity and I didn’t realise how much I was missing that over last year. Once I returned, I just felt like my energy and creativity was refreshed and ‘Heartbeat’ was the first thing I had written in a longtime that felt like me.”

Jonas Rathsman

*Featured image via Kaskade, deadmau5, Alison Wonderland and AMÉMÉ*

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