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Engulf Yourself In The ‘Essence Of Trance’ With RAM | Interview

by Nadine Pasterczyk

Trance music is all about the journey on which it takes its listeners. If there’s one man that knows all about this, it’s RAM! As someone who’s been in the industry since 1995, he’s truly got an amazing grasp on trance music and the scene as a whole. 

Most recently, RAM has put together a compilation of some of the greatest trance tunes to hit the airwaves over the past 25 years. This compilation is better known as the ‘Essence of Trance [25 Years of RAM]’. The much sought after DJ and producer took some time out of his busy schedule and spoke with us about this very special compilation, the trance scene and so much more!

FMF: You’ve been in the industry for 25 years now and in turn, you’ve released an album to showcase trance music throughout the years. How did you choose the tracks that are a part of ‘Essence of Trance [25 Years of RAM]’?

RAM: It’s a selection of my personal favorites that got me emotional, motivated and inspired over the last 25 years. Not only the big hits, but also the forgotten gems — the tracks that you can cry and fly on. Trance is for emotion so this is a big journey throughout my feelings for trance music.

Since you’ve been in the scene for so long, you’ve seen every flux and wave that trance music has gone through. Where do you see the genre headed in the future?

I think we are on a big crossroad in the trance scene. At the moment it is kind of killing itself. Producers are scared to go outside the box and the fans kill every track which is different because it’s not the “real” sound of the producer. Everything is almost the same. The diversity in progressive house is amazing and I really hope trance will switch more into diversity and more original tracks with new sounds and arrangements. It needs to evolve more. Trance as a genre is standing still at the moment, which is not healthy.

Having experience in both the old school styles and the modern day sounds, which would you say you prefer? Classic trance or modern day trance?

Sound production from today’s stuff, but the storytelling from the classics. 

Speaking of classic trance; how would you define classic trance? What makes a classic track “classic”?

A classic track for me is a massive production, a big tune that everyone will remember and will hit you right in the heart every time. Whether it’s from 1996 or 2016, doesn’t matter. It’s a song that when you hear it again, you get a smile from ear to ear and say to your friends, ‘remember that one’.

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Trance as a genre is obviously a huge part of your career and life in general. What does trance mean to you?

For me it’s everything. I eat, shit, sleep and breathe trance. It helps me in every aspect of my life. It saved my life a couple of times. It helps put a smile on my face in dark times. It raises my energy and helps me with my emotions. Trance =  Life. I don’t know what I would do without it. That’s why I love to share it so much. I seriously can’t understand why people don’t like this genre. There is no genre as melodic and emotional as trance.

Gigging has been interrupted for the time being due to COVID-19. In the meantime, a lot of artists have been live streaming — do you plan to partake in any live streaming yourself?

Everyone is doing live streams at the moment. I am not. I am working on a new album and taking my platform to the next level. Trying to pay my part into helping the new generation with their careers and setting up a service to guide artists in a better manner in terms of their online presence. It’s a big challenge, but I’m working out a program with two other companies to make it happen.

Due to everything going on in the present time, you must have a bit more time on your hands as many of us do. What are you working on now? What can we expect to hear from you next?

I’ve been really sick the last few weeks since all the madness started here, so I haven’t been able to do much yet. But like I said — working on my album and some other new singles and collabs. My platform and labels are getting some extra attention to upgrade the whole working process. A new reworked and remixed compilation with a lot of exclusive stuff on it is coming soon. I’m preparing a new progressive house label with a brand new, stand alone social platform, which I’m very excited for. Also, my own progressive house alias Dubyard is about to be revived with some new productions. I’ve got lots of things coming up! And of course, I can’t wait to get back on tour with my 25 Years of RAM concept. I’ve received so much amazing feedback on the compilation album, so it’ll be really nice to tour with that concept. 

*Featured image via RAM*

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