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Electric Forest Tripolee Stage 2018

Electric Forest 2019 Curated Events | GudVibrations, a Bassrush, and a Sprinkle of Disco

by Tigerlily

Kick off the Electric Forest festivities with NGHTMRE & SLANDER Present: Gud Vibrations, get it banging at Bassrush, and time travel to Studio 54est for the grooviest gig this side of the 70s. So we’re getting some bangin’ beats and then some throwback disco funk? This is so fitting with everything EF and I love it! Since my own tastes are all over the place, I love the mix-up of the genres as it makes for a well-rounded festival.

EF 2019 Curated Events Gud Vibrations: NGHTMRE b2b Slander, Ekali, Said the Sky
EF 2019 Curated Events Gud Vibrations

Gud Vibrations takes place Thurs, June 27th at Tripolee Stage (see featured image), and features NGHTMRE b2b Slander, Ekali, Said the Sky, Riot Ten, Whipped Cream, Wavedash, Wooli, Lick, and Yako. My former non-bass loving self would’ve laughed at the description that Gud Vibrations is all about positive vibes and heavy music coming together. But after being a member in both trance and bass-dedicated Facebook groups, that shit ain’t no joke! I’ve experienced far more personal attacks by FB trolls in the touchy-feely trance groups, whereas I’ve been shown nothing but love in the bass groups. So here’s a shoutout to the Wreckage Bassheadz who’ve welcomed me with open arms, despite openly admitting I’m a house and trance gal. Y’all walk the walk when it comes to PLUR!

EF 2019 Curated Events Bassrush: 12th Planet, Badklaat, Black Tiger Sex Machine, Charlesthefirst
EF 2019 Curated Events Bassrush

Spawned from the Los Angeles Drum and Bass scene in the early 2000’s, Bassrush has steadily become the premiere platform for bass music artists and fans alike. Since its inception, Bassrush has continued to remain at the forefront of the ever-changing soundscape of bass music. Making their appearance Friday June 28th at Tripolee
Stage (see featured image) are 12th Planet, Badklaat, Black Tiger Sex Machine (BTSM), Caspa, CharlesTheFirst b2b Thrifworks, Digital Ethos b2b Chee, Fury + MC Dino, Ivy Lab, Loadstar b2b DC Breaks, and The Librarian. Although BTSM has rolled through town a couple times lately, I’ve always had something conflicting going on, which is why festivals I had the opportunity to see The Librarian last year at a Rose Entertainment event here in Portland. She has an unhurried way of creating energy in the crowd with smooth and slower bass beats that I hadn’t heard before. Not to mention, she combines sounds that make me perk up and go, “What is that noise? It’s so cool!” Which is exactly what I do when listening to a CharlesTheFirst set, who I haven’t been lucky enough to see yet. Many of the industrial noises he uses in his tracks make me feel all dark and grungy again, which transports me back to my goth love of NIN.

EF 2019 Curated Events Studio 54est with Escort, Orchard Lunge, The Nth Power Presents: Earth, Wind and Power
EF 2019 Curated Events Studio 54est

Inspired by the infamous dance music era when disco reigned supreme, Studio 54est will pay homage to the 1970’s NYC nightclub mecca, Studio 54. The legacy of glitz, glamour, and good vibes will be honored and celebrated on the dance floor at the Carousel Club on Friday, June 28th. Which means, if they’re at the same time, we’re going to have to pick and choose between a rush of bass in the face or funky disco hedonism. Crap. I hate having to pick between two amazing things! Especially since this groovy musical lineup includes Escort, Orchard Lounge, The Nth Power Presents: Earth, Wind and Power, Yung Bae, and WHITE OWL. All acts I’ve never seen before, but would love to experience their new twist on disco, house, and R&B! Not to mention, this sounds like a fabulous opportunity to dress yourself in the shiniest, furriest, glitziest duds you can muster. Can you dig it?

Unfortunately, due to Electric Forest 2019 being reduced to only 1 weekend this year, tickets sold out QUICK. However, you can test your luck and request tickets through the Official Wristband Exchange! May the odds be ever in your favor.

EF 2019 Gud Vibrations w/NGHTMRE b2b Slander, Bassrush w/CharlesTheFirst and The Librarian, and Studio 54est w/Escort and Orchard Lounge
Click Electric Forest 2019 lineup for more info!

*Featured Image Via Meg Ryan Hatchery 17*

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