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EDC2016: Mobile Wallpapers…because you just can’t wait…2016 line up…

by TerraNova.Lov3

Via Insomniac.com / Editorial Staff

Get the feels each time you open your phone with a new, epic background shot of Electric Daisy Carnival. Check this page every week leading up to the 20th anniversary of EDC this June, and you’ll find a new surprise shot to download. If you keep up with the growing collection, you’ll have 20 dazzling, hi-res photos in your phone to look back on before you set foot into EDC. And we can’t wait to see your face when you do.

Nightowl Radio on Soundcloud. Stream the EDC20 line-up + featured music & stages

Count down 20 weeks to the 20th anniversary of EDC with us, and download your phone backgrounds below. Check back at this link every week for a new background.

EDC Las Vegas 2016 takes place June 17–19 at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Stay tuned for more details on what promises to be an unforgettable show.

Tickets for EDC Las Vegas 2016 are available now. For more information, visit the EDC Las Vegas official website.

Week #1: kineticFIELD – Sunrise

Week #2: Headliner – Heart Hands

Week #3: Ferris Wheel – Sunrise

Week #4: Clowns – Troupe

Week #5: Mayan Warrior Art Car

Week #6: cosmicMEADOW – Fireworks

Week #7: EDCLV – Postcard

Week #8: Ferris Wheel – Purple

Week #9: crystallVILLAGE – Owl

Week #10: Teapot – Fireworks

Week #11: neonGARDEN – Top

Week #12: Headliner – Totem

Week #13: Ferris Wheel – Burst

Week #14: Clowns – Parade

Week #15: Caterpillar – Technicolor

Week #16: circuitGROUNDS – Green

Week #17: TBA

Week #18: TBA

Week #19: TBA

Week #20: TBA

It’s Time for EDC LV!!!!!!

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Unofficial Line Up = HERE

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