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EDC Las Vegas 2019 | Pasquale Rotella is The Man, The Myth, The LEGEND | #MCM

by Meag Bo

This week’s edition of #ManCrushMonday is unique. This man is a large reason many of us have met, pulled together during hard times, and the biggest reason we are all traveling to the Las Vegas Speedway to meet once again Under the Electric Sky, a place we have often called home. Pasquale Rotella is the founder, CEO, and brilliant mastermind behind everything Insomniac. After starting in 1993, he has been on a roll ever since. From creating some of the world’s most well-known and beloved festivals to his philanthropic ventures, this night owl continues to wear many hats. Pasquale’s inspiration began with the 90’s underground scene, whose vibe he continues through Factory 93, a division of the Insomniac brand. Just think–back in ‘93 there were as few as 300 people in attendance at his warehouse events in the heart of Los Angeles. Now, just 25 years later, there are over 400,000 people traveling from around the world to his baby, The Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas. Pasquale’s continued drive and determination led him to where he is now, but he also had all of us to support him. The community he built is truly why he has become this week’s #ManCrushMonday.

I truly cannot express in words the magnitude of what this brilliant man has developed with us in mind. My first Electric Daisy Carnival was probably the most stressful for him, as it was the last time it was in Los Angeles at the Coliseum. No negative vibes in this post, so if you are unaware of this event, Google it. Continuing on… I will never forget walking through the gates of my first EDC.  My entire life changed that day. I had such a strong feeling of family, a sense of acceptance, and even more, how to be true to oneself. The confidence gained from self-acceptance allowed me to share positivity with those around me. I later discovered those vibes are the basis of Rotella’s mission. With the success of his vision, he expanded Insomniac with different visionary festivals with new names, new themes, and new music genres. Beyond Wonderland, Nocturnal Wonderland, Audiotistic, and more have become staples to the festival season calendars bringing in large numbers of attendees, just like that of EDC. To keep the party going on a regular basis Insomniac is the owner of many Los Angeles clubs including two that I love, ExchangeLA (Downtown LA), and AcademyLA (Hollywood). The talent continues to circle through while the locals dance the night away. Pasquale stays close to his creations as I have had the pleasure of seeing him out and about around L.A. at various events hosted by his company.

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It was my great pleasure speaking with him at Beyond Wonderland So Cal 2019. Seeing him walking around his own festival taking pictures with fans and performers was rad and truly showed his passion for his work. When speaking with Pasquale I asked how many times in a night someone comes up to him to express their gratitude for the event. With a smile, he said “Soooo many” but he doesn’t mind, and loves talking to them! As people grow with fame and recognition sometimes it is easy to lose sight of those that helped you get to that place. His obvious enjoyment and pleasure in connecting with his festival-goers leaves me with the faith and knowledge that disconnect will never happen with Pasquale.

Pasquale Rotella has created beautiful events of love and acceptance where many of us have created new families and enjoy returning to places we now call home.  He started with his passion for all kinds of different dance music; with high-quality artists both known and unknown. With his successes, he’s diversified that love of art to stunning visuals to complement the aural extravaganzas.  Pasquale has made Insomniac world-renowned for their dancers, painters, lighting and stage set-ups, and other visions of wonder we have all come to cherish. He’s also opened the doors for not only veterans in the game to flaunt their art, to The Discovery Project which allows newbies to win a competition of discovery and become signed to Insomniac Records. If you ever have the opportunity to speak with him, make sure you thank him for all he does. He is a daily inspiration to me. I never thought I would be publishing articles in the music industry, and yet here I am, writing about what I love.  Look no further than the wonder that is Pasquale Rotella as proof that dreams really do come true.

Thank you Pasquale.  A million times over.

From that girl with the rad, pink, curly hair.

Written with love for my fellow Freaks.

EDC Las Vegas 2019, Pasquale Rotella
Click above for tickets & info so I can meet you Under the Electric Sky!

*Featured Image Via Insomniac*

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