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‘Don’t Worry My Love’, This Week’s New Music Will Bring You A ‘Good Vibe Feeling’ | Fresh Music Friday

by Guest Contributor

John 00 Fleming x Fuenka – ‘Chapter 3: Corruption’

Now for those anticipating a classic three-act trancer, well, we’ll refer you to the word “epic”. Indeed, the track has something of its own odyssey-like ‘story-within-a-story’ to unwrap. John 00 Fleming and Fuenka give the opening minutes to scene-setting ambience, as timbale percussion, chirping cicadas and ethnic harmonies initially swirl those ‘Corruption’ waters deep. In a measured fashion it then enters a five-plus minute run of hypnotic, progressive throb, applying layers of diving-bell-deep drums, earthmoving bass and coolly curling 303.

Steve Aoki pres. Ninja Attack – ‘Aurora’

MDLBEAST Records welcomes Steve Aoki’s project Ninja Attack to the label with his new release ‘Aurora’. Riding on deep, driving bass lines and minimal dark melodies via an adventurous leftfield offering, ‘Aurora’ is right at home in the underground house and techno venues around the globe. The new track showcases a grittier and deeper side of the dance music legend, that’s a far cry from his usual sonic style, serving as a testament to Steve’s versatility and talent as a producer.

Jerro – ‘Coming Home’

The eleven-track album solidifies Jerro’s unparalleled studio expertise as his first full-length body of work. With each track, Jerro creates an ethereal sonic environment filled with palpable emotion and yearning instrumentals. Jerro’s ability to transcend genres and fuse melodic and downtempo elements is gracefully demonstrated in each of the tracks on ‘Coming Home’.

Kastra x Rave Radio – ‘Don’t Stop The Music’

“Over 4 years in the making, my collaboration with Rave Radio is finally out on Ultra! James started ‘Don’t Stop The Music’ a while back but passed it on to me last year. I was able to breathe new life into a project he once considered dead. The result is a great combination of both of our sounds. An upbeat house banger channelling some retro sounds! I’m excited for everyone to finally hear this!”


SIDEPIECE – ‘Acrobatic (Remixes)’

SIDEPIECE lunges out with a star-studded package of reworks on the official ‘Acrobatic (Remixes)’ for Insomniac Records, featuring takes from J. Worra, Martin Ikin, Biscits and Diskull

PINEO & LOEB – ‘Good Vibe Feeling’

PINEO & LOEB team up with NY-based hip-hop artist FUEG and UK saxophonist Ellie Sax for their newest release, ‘Good Vibe Feeling’, a genre-bending track that is sure to be the star of any night out. With an infectious sax top-line, smooth hip-hop vocals, and a groovy instrumental, these talented artists bring the elements that create a literal good vibe no matter the occasion.

Heimanu – ‘Raaen / Die Awake’

Heimanu’s double-sided effort couples two contrasting rushes of adrenaline into one cohesive journey through wave. ‘Raaen’ jumpstarts the proceedings with a jolt of euphoria, revolving around an empowering combination of clattering 808s, sweeping synths, breakbeat patterns, ethereal melodies and howling vocal hooks cleverly sidechaining to the bursts of bottom-end. The emotion alone is enough to stop the dancefloor dead in its tracks. There’s a darker edge dwelling within the B-side. ‘Die Awake’ embraces the chaos, charting a path towards destruction that is outlined by haunting vox, frenetic arpeggiations, thumping drums, and seismic padlines. Although both tracks occupy their own unique section of the emotional spectrum, the real beauty of each manages to shine through with these two gems sitting side-by-side.

Kaivon – ‘Don’t Worry My Love’

A euphoric combination of sugar-sweet vocals, uplifting synth progressions and sweeping strings, ‘Don’t Worry My Love’ finds Kaivon at his otherworldly best.

Frankyeffe – ‘Asteroid / Monkey’

“‘Asteroid’ and ‘Monkey’ were born in my studio in Rome after a trip to Berlin. I wanted to express the suffering from the pandemic with these next two works, not having the opportunity to perform, so I’ve concentrated the struggle in two techno tracks full of energy and power.”


Cyclops – ‘Data Sequence’

Cyclops has released his new ‘Data Sequence‘ EP on NGHTMRE and SLANDER’s Gud Vibrations imprint. The future-minded dubstep producer is touching back down with an experimental three-tracker, including two fresh creations that show him pushing the limits of bass music. 

Zight x Peter Forest – ‘Everybody Keep Running’

The uplifting track is rife with energy from the first beat, with encouraging lyrics paired in perfect synergy with the positive melody. Zight’s twinkling synths support the bouncing, feel-good bassline which is accompanied by a powerful piano chord. Peter Forest’s striking vocals stand at the core of the track, aiding a slow build that intensifies to reveal a burst of sonic synths and a powerful drop. ‘Everybody Keep Running’ is the perfect addition to any workout playlist, willing you on when you need it the most.

YAAK x Z. Lewis – ‘10MERITS’

Landing as a high-octane punch in the face is ‘10MERITS’, the powerful new single from Melbourne-based electronic producer YAAK and Hackney-born recording artist Z. Lewis. Combining rapid lyricism and dextrous flows with high-energy, booming production, ‘10MERITS’ is the result of two of Australia’s rising stars merging their lanes of EDM and Hip-Hop to create a statement of arrival. 

DJ Rae x David Morales – ‘Something I’m Going Through’

“When I heard ‘Something I’m Going Through’ I actually wanted it for my new album but DJ Rae said that it was a very personal song to her and she wanted to release it. I clicked with Rae right away. It’s as if we’d known each other for a long time. Working with her has been an organic experience and a pleasure. We get along and we seem to be creatively in sync.”

David Morales

SoDown – ‘Alive’

American bass music producer and saxophone player SoDown unveils a new full-length compilation record Alive. The Denver-based producer presents 10 versatile tracks on Alive, seamlessly blending live instrumentation with a bass-fueled flair. Including familiar cuts like ‘Pull The Trigger’ with Bass Physics and ‘Right On Time’ featuring Megan Hamilton, SoDown crafts an electrifying collection of his signature style on ‘Alive’. 

Said The Sky – ‘Go On Then, Love (feat. The Maine)’

Go On Then, Love’ further shows off Said The Sky’s indie electronic penchant, especially paired with the stylings of pop punk band The Maine. The track combines a fun pop melody and vocals, with raw and relatable lyrics describing the naivety of young love.

*Featured image via Kaivon, Said The Sky, John 00 Fleming and Fuenka*

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