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Fresh Music - Listen - Spotlight - August 12, 2016

Dominick Reed: Austin Texas



Dominick Reed, is no stranger to the stage or composition. His instrumental experimentation can be traced to his early childhood. Drawing inspiration from classical composers and musicians like Itzhak Perlam, Jascha Heifetz and J.S. Bach, Reed decided to pursue classical training on the Viola. From 2009-2012 Reed toured with various composers and musicians earning critical acclaim for his solo performances. In early 2012, Reed discovered a passion for electronic music and set his sights on becoming a successful producer & dj by mastering production software and practicing on an old set of CDJ turntables. Since his start in 2012, Reed has gained a strong following with his steady stream of musical releases and over-the top performances across Texas. Combining his unique classical music background and natural stage presence, Dominick Reed has earned spots on Euphoria and Backwoods Music Festival 2015 and continues to gain support from electronic music fans across the world.

Check it.

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