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Disco Inferno Under the Sea | Imagine 2019 Photo Gallery

by Speed Raver

Imagine Music Festival turned up the heat for its “What Lies Deep at the Bottom of the Ocean” theme this year as the renowned Disco Inferno stage once again set our hearts on fire. Costumed performers and stylish attendees lit up our festival-fashion imagination while Space Jesus and Tipper unleashed deep, wonky-bass wubs from the seafloor. Shaq proved DJ Diesel has legit mixing chops as he transformed into a trap and dupstep monster hell-bent on stirring up the mosh pit, while Zed’s Dead slayed with a diverse range of heavy beats.

Above & Beyond brought the crowd together like a school of fish for a wavy and heartfelt Group Therapy session, but it was Lane 8 who steered the audience on a transcendent journey for the mind and soul in the best set of the festival. On the final day, a Dirtybird Players Takeover featuring Justin Jay, J. Phlip, Justin Martin and Claude VonStroke provided all the supreme grooves and deliciously danceable tunes you could ask for. Relive the excitement of IMF 2019 and its energetic atmosphere with our colorful photo gallery below!

Tap the arrows to scroll through all 230 pictures. Photos by Alex Lamb.

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