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Fresh Music - February 10, 2019

Desert Hearts | Family & Friends Volume 3 | Out for Our Listening Pleasure

Listen to Desert Hearts NEWEST release: Family & Friends Volume 3!

Desert Hearts RecordsFamily & Friends series is truly a celebration of what the Desert Hearts fam is all about. Not only is the label on a mission to unite music listeners and artists alike, but the crew is expert at producing some of EDM’s top-ranking songs in the house, tech-house, deep house, and techno realm. Now on the third installment of the series, Family & Friends Volume 3 is a compilation of 19 tracks from Desert Hearts stalwarts old and new.

These 19 songs comprising the collection are a perfect sample of what you might hear at a Desert Hearts party. The genre is fun and upbeat at its core, and this collection is no departure from that. Featuring artists Andreas Henneberg, Sacha Robotti, Cut Snake, RYBO, NiQW, Clyde P, and many more, there is absolutely no shortage of talent contributing to theĀ fun.

Volume 3 kicks off with a quirky track from Andreas Henneberg, titled Desert Hearts, featuring a robotic voice repeating “Desert Hearts,” which then proclaims, “Let’s rock that shit.” It’s a genius way to begin the collection. Grab the aux and crank the volume; Family & Friends Volume 3 promises to get the party started.