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Darude Producing 3 New Tracks | Represents Finland in 2019 Eurovision Song Contest

by Aimee Rivas

This year is starting out strong for Finnish DJ Darude! He’s been selected by Finland to represent the country in the 2019 Eurovision competition. An amazing honor indeed!

The Eurovision Song Contest is an annual event steeped in history, celebrating the most diverse and exciting names from across the European continent. Everyone’s heard Darude’s iconic ‘Sandstorm’, I mean you couldn’t escape it in early 2000, this song was EVERYWHERE! The track catapulted Darude to international stardom, and has made him the most successful Finnish artist of the modern era!  Even those who don’t know who Darude is or claim to have never heard ‘Sandstorm’, just play them the first 30 seconds and almost everyone recognizes it.

Darude is not only an award-winning DJ and Producer, he is a proud Finnish citizen and makes sure to show his pride by displaying the Finland flag at all his shows. His twenty-year career has taken him all over the world, playing at hundreds of clubs and festivals across the globe. He’s had numerous number one hits and has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the electronic music community!

Promising to create the atmosphere and excitement of his DJ gigs on the Eurovision stage, Darude will perform his tracks with featured vocalist Sebastian Rejman of the band The Giant Leap. This is sure to bring an amazing live element to Darude’s musical backdrop.

To say Darude is ecstatic about the contest would be an understatement.  He says, “This is a huge challenge for me in many ways, when I was asked to represent Finland I felt a bit scared at first, but there was no way I could say no to my country! It is an honour to be part of this incredible experience and I only have positive expectations!”

Darude will release three songs between February 8th and 12th and those tracks will compete in the national selection. The winning Darude track will be decided by a combination of public vote during a live TV broadcast, and an international voting panel. The chosen track will represent Finland in May.

Could we be on the verge of another club anthem like Sandstorm?!? We’ll find out this summer as the contest gets underway in Tel Aviv. Get ready Darude fans for the ultimate competition!

Darude Eurovision 2019 | Via Artist Facebook Page

*Featured Image Via Artist Facebook Page*

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