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Recaps and Reviews - March 8, 2019

CRSSD | A House X Techno Lover’s Dream in San Diego

CRSSD Spring 2019 was LIT!

It’s a mere 23 degrees in Indiana. I haven’t slept for fear of sleeping through my alarm set at the absolutely ridiculous time of 3:30 am. I did this to myself. I did this for California, Techno, and House… not in any particular order. Once I saw this lineup I knew, CRSSD was the move. I’m just about to fall asleep and it’s time. Alarm rings. Coffee and shower I go, but not before forgetting my iPhone on top of the coffee pot. Luckily my Lyft driver is helpful and super Midwesternly sweet and calls it for me.

Off we go into the frigid Indianapolis arctic tundra to the airport.

The warmer the weather gets, the more my mood improves. The flight from Indy is turbulent AF. There goes sleeping more on the plane. As we take off from LAX on the more comfortable than expected puddle jumper, the gentleman to my left offers his window seat as he plans to nap anyway.

How anyone could nap over witnessing this splendor is beyond me. It has been over a decade since I visited California. The views from the now slightly snoring window aisle are majestic. The ocean wraps around LA like a gentle caress. I realize it’s been months since I’ve seen the color green. Mountains are blanketed with a thick quilt of stratosphere. Their white tops glistening in the distance. If the plane were to crash now, at least I have experienced this view. Luckily we have a short 30-minute flight.

It’s official, I’m that tourist taking photos in the airplane with no fucks given. It’s just so incredibly majestic.

La Jolla Beach
La Jolla Beach | Photo via Fresh Music Freaks Jennifer Fall

There is a beach with seals! I repeat THERE IS A BEACH WITH SEALS! A new friend takes me to them… and there may have been tears and giddy little Midwestern girl squeals upon sight. What can I say, sometimes I’m a woo girl. They are super active at night, and I’m told more numerous. Impressed, I know I have to go back and see them in the daylight.

Festing day one always feels like Christmas morning. My new roomie and I head for breakfast and jump in line.

CRSSD Festival | Photo via CRSSD Juliana Bernstein 

Culture shock comes when I’m reminded the techno fans in Cali wear every color of the rainbow at CRSSD. I’m instantly happy I actually fit in for once and don’t stick out like a sore thumb in my neon inspired outfit. Of course, my merch size is sold out in California right after the gates open. This almost never happens at home. I pick out a cool green jacket and spend half my budget for the weekend on it. Oops.

And now, we dance….

The stages are easy to navigate. The fest is intimate with relatively no frills. Easily navigated as there are only three stages. I start with Doc Martin at the Palms Stage and then wander a bit before Ladyton at Ocean View.

Ladytron | Photo via CRSSD Juliana Bernstein 

The crowd is youthful. I’m certain no one has heard of Ladytron that is around me. Their chatter completely drowns out the band, so I move several times to avoid it. I find my way to the rail and attempt to get into the spirit. Their presence on stage is fierce. They play “Destroy Everything You Touch” and it’s clear… they have a new generation of fans eating out of the palm of their hand. Of course, they play their huge hit “Seventeen” and the crowd who literally has been screaming to hear it in between each track (I suppose everyone has a Freebird) goes absolutely wild. My eardrum is nearly busted by the woo girl to my right who is slightly obnoxious, yet fucking hilarious. You do you, boo!  We take funny pictures to commemorate the experience.

The West Coast crowd is “lit.” That’s the way it is explained to me. This is my first festival experience in California, and I see what this really means in person away from the Mainstage at City Steps. I get there in time for Rebekah to bang out some of the darkest Techno I’ve heard to prepare for Maetrik.

It’s the first time I’ve seen Maceo Plex play as his alias so I’m stoked.  I tell you what… it’s been a long time since I’ve danced like that. His set is electrifying. I meet up with a few different groups of friends and dance in the rain that everyone else seems to be wanting to avoid.

CRSSD Festival
CRSSD Festival | Photo via CRSSD Felicia Garcia

Day one is a huge hit so far, all culminating to the one, the only, Mr. Armand Van Helden

I HAVE NO WORDS. My favorite house producer of all time knocks it out of the park playing a classic House set filled with his originals, even tossing a little Duck Sauce in there. I make it to the rail where some kids “doing it for the gram” (it’s a legit thing here in Cali) allow me rail space and proceed to take videos of me with their camera and even on mine. I’m not even mad at it, how else could I relive this experience later? 

The set is FIRE and I may have whined a little when it was over. I’m not whining for too long because thanks to a complete magic blessing… I get to meet the man himself. Shaking and excited (hey journalists can be big fans too, ok) I proceed to tell him how he produced the first House track I ever heard and fangirl out just a little bit… Not only is Armand Van Helden super humble and appreciative, but selfies with me… and the other seven or so people fortunate enough to have this moment with him. He even puts his bathroom break on hold to talk to people and offers them to go first in line. (Obviously, we decline). A true gentleman in every sense of the word.

Armand Van Helden
Armand Van Helden | Photo Via Jennifer Fall Fresh Music Freaks

Giddy AF I nearly skip back to the hotel which is literally right next to the venue. It’s a shame it’s a bit too chilly to swim. The hotel and the night are young but I’m tired and ready for round two.

Day two feels decidedly more relaxed than day one. The crowd is ready for Wajatta when I get to the Palms stage. I bounce to hit Enrico Sangiuliano and find it so hard to tear myself away for a good spot for Lane 8. 

It looks like I have the same idea as everyone else as literally the entire festival mobs the Palms stage for Lane 8. His set is masterful as usual. I dance shoulder to shoulder with some friends and head out to get a good spot for Odesza.

Sonny Fodera | Photo Via CRSSD Felicia Garcia

Call me crazy, but I couldn’t get in the mood for a full Odesza set, and I never thought I would ever say that. I headed back for Sonny Fodera instead and ended my first CRSSD adventure with the house vibes I went all the way to California for.

I closed my California trip the same way it began, with the seals on La Jolla beach. San Diego is beautiful, and CRSSD is lit. Who knows, maybe this Midwestern girl hasn’t had her last taste of the West Coast vibes. Until next time!

What was your favorite moment at CRSSD festival? I’d love to hear your story!

*Featured Image Via CRSSD*