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Come Alive with Bobby Puma on Armada Deep

by TerraNova.Lov3


Bobby Puma, hot on heels of his recent huge collaboration with Tiesto – “Making Me Dizzy”, is now back with a new release on Armada Deep. He joined forces with Desiree Dawson to create the house anthem of the summer, “Come Alive“. With the angelic vocals of Desiree, alongside high energy percussion, this comes full circle as a well rounded track that will for sure get up and keep you dancing.

Getting Dizzy with Tiesto & Bobby Puma

Taking things just a few steps further, Puma drops the track into a high energy deep house groove that not only compliments Desiree Dawson’s voice but provides an extra bounce into the track and the dance floor. The track’s winning combination of ethereal vocals, emotive lyrics alongside its deep progressive beat, adapts from the easy listening by day and a floor filling anthem by night.

With the ever evolving dance music scene, the ability to remain creative as well as innovative, when it comes to making music that blurs lines between genres, is essential to any producer. Bobby Puma’s ability to craft masterful tracks that encapsulate a large spectrum of electronic music has been proven through an impressive track record that includes collaborations with top tier talent and releases on world renowned labels.

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