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Cartoon Gives Us 10 Tracks To Keep You From Going Loco During Lockdown

by Nadine Pasterczyk

I think it’s fair to say that we’re all going a bit stir crazy having been in quarantine for nearly a month now. Cartoon has come to the rescue with their very own, personally curated list of songs to keep you from going loco during lockdown. 

Cartoon is a group of three guys from Estonia, who’s one aim is to get listeners hooting and hollering with their music. Most recently, they’ve released a single called ‘Howling’ with vocalist Asena. Keep the vibes high with this record as well as these carefully selected tracks, chosen by Cartoon themselves. 

Joe Exotic – ‘I Saw a Tiger’

Because the tiger saw a man! Instant classic in the making, we’re looking forward to Joe’s tour when he gets out of lockdown… sorry lockup… #CarolDidIt

Sickick – ‘G.O.M.D.’

Old one but a gold one. Sickick is insane, check out his quarantine songwriting challenge videos on Instagram too, perfect way to pass the time when you’re stuck in the house going crazy.

Andromedik – ‘Forever’

I really love the melody and if you can’t lose yourself tripping out to the vocal and that rolling bass then you need your ears checked.

Little Big – ‘Hateful Love’

The only hardstyle track that I actually enjoy. The video might send you down a rabbit hole though, maybe don’t watch just before you go to bed but also one of those videos you just can’t tear your eyes away from. I hatefully love this video.

Jadu Heart – ‘Purity’

This is such a zen track from Jadu Heart, it always calms me down. Take a minute, close your eyes, let the peace roll over you, PLUR.

George FitzGerald x Lil Silva – ‘Roll Back’

This track is super beautiful. Amazing melodies, vocals and production, it sounds so effortless but in reality it’s so hard to make something sound this flawless and dreamy.

leavv – ‘Candle’

I could loop this track for forever. Such a smooth beat, kind of like a heartbeat that you can get lost in and lose track of time.

Worakls – ‘Toi’

This track just takes me somewhere else and I love it. That undercurrent of melody that slowly comes through from underneath the rhythm is so hypnotic and trippy, you can feel the whole production opening up beneath you. Really on another level.

Bring Me The Horizon – ‘Throne’

Biggest rock song of last decade. Perfect if you’re feeling the need to throw yourself around your quarantine and scream like a f*cking maniac.

Rick Astley – ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’

This track drives me insane. You’re welcome #rickrolled.

*Featured image via Cartoon*

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