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Cannabis Legalization | How Will it Affect our Festivals?

by Darby Rayanne

October 17, 2018, a momentous day in Canadian history when drugs won the war on drugs (congratulations marijuana, you really did it!).  Aside from the obvious motives of the Canadian government who are ready to reap that sweet tax revenue, being a citizen of the second country in the world to legalize weed is pretty dope. This next year is going to be a very interesting time for Canadians as we become accustomed to the big change.  I know I still feel like I need to hide in a dark corner just to light one up. But there is a big question that will be answered Summer 2019…

How will this affect our music festivals?

The impact of legalization may not be clear for festivals who are generally more accepting of recreational drug use. Some festivals even encourage it over alcohol usage. Though this is not the case for all festivals and events, particularly indoor ones or festivals within city limits. These festivals are more known for targeting patrons that use marijuana by either banning, arresting, or kicking patrons out. Now that you can legally smoke weed where you can smoke a cigarette, this enables marijuana enthusiasts to do so without judgement or prosecution from security or festival organizers.

With cannabis being legally obtainable and smokable, how will this affect other drug and/or alcohol usage? We are living in a pot smokers paradise; will people now lay off the sauce or perhaps slow it down now that they can legally blaze up in public? When I looked to Facebook to gain some insight from others, Kevin Cottons commented “I personally believe there will be less drinking, in part, there will possibly be cleaner venues at the end and better vibes. But that’s just one take.”

Cannabis culture and festival culture go hand in hand

The love, sense of belonging, and beauty of a festival is something I encourage everyone I meet to experience at least once in their lifetimes. For people with social anxiety or possible past addictions, the environment may seem overwhelming. With the use of marijuana, many people who rely on it to combat those feelings are able to do so freely. Cannabis can help users find creativity, find love within themselves,  and share that love with others. It can inspire self-expression without the fear of judgement from others, and I think that’s beautiful.

I believe this is a huge step in the right direction for Canada. The impact on festivals will in no doubt be a positive experience for many. I don’t know about you, but I sure hope to see a dab booth at the next festival I go to.  I’m dreaming of the possibility of an exclusive strain grown on one of my favorite places on earth… I’m looking at you Shambhala!

Cannabis Legalization Weed is Tite
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