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Bumbershoot Music Festival | 9 Artists You Should Not Miss

by TerraNova.Lov3

Bumbershoot Music Festival | You Should Not Miss Flume, Lord, Odesza, Louis The Child, Big Wild, Whethan, Dillon Francis

By: Zoe Rohaly | Instagram: @zoe_fit_rose

As you step into Bumbershoot Music Festival, the first thing you’re hit with is a thousand friendly smiles, the sweet aroma of weed, and a guitar riff or two off in the distance. With the entirety of Seattle Center blocked off, the three-day festival barely seems like enough time to indulge in all that it offers, whether that be the music, the food, or all the other attractions each day. But read a little further and you’ll get to know a little bit more about the top nine artists you MUST see, and why;


FLUME : He began writing music at the young age of 13 and released his first album titled “Flume” in November of 2012 featuring some my personal favorites; including “Sleepless”, “Insane” and “Warm Thoughts”. The 25-year-old musical prodigy, as some would call him, is not someone to be slept on. His music alone is beautiful, and has a unique future bass sound unlike any other. Previous show attendees have described his visuals as extremely captivating and intoxicating. Catch him on Friday closing out the main stage at 9:35PM!

JAUZ: If you’re someone who enjoys a show oozing with energy, which, let’s be honest, who doesn’t, then you will definitely want to take some time to catch Jauz on Friday starting at 8:15PM in the Key Arena. As someone who has personally seen him two times, once at an outdoor venue, and once in a more intimate setting, he “brings the bounce”, as some would say. His sets will leave you panting for air but in the most exciting way possible. Similar to Flume, many would describe his music as bass house, but with a splash of dubstep and deep house on occasion. One of his top tracks, “Rock the Party”, will definitely have you moving your body uncontrollably, and personally that’s my favorite kind of dancing.

WHETHAN: What were you doing at the age of 18, or even 16 for that matter? Unless you were deemed as the youngest producer ever to release on one of Australia’s top EDM labels, Future Classic, you aren’t quite as cool as Ethan Snoreck, also known as Whethan. Beginning his very fresh career at 16, he was quickly recognized by big name producers after receiving over 8 million plays on his remix of the song “XE5”. He’s already made a stop at Seattle’s top EDM nightclub, Foundation, and according to those who were there, he blew their expectations out of the water. Don’t miss him playing Friday in the Key Arena at 6:20PM; he may be touring with Skrillex soon for all we know!


DILLON FRANCIS: If you’ve never heard of Gerald, the sassy Pinata with a tendency to go against what he’s told, then you might be living under a rock. The pinata I’m referring to is one of Dillon Francis’s most popular tour mates, and also a great addition to his already hilarious personality. Francis’s humor alone is personally one of the main reasons I love him, but seeing him live will make you fall for him even more. Similar to Jauz, I was fortunate enough to see him at both an indoor and outdoor venue and he is, to this day, one of the most fun artists I’ve had the pleasure of watching. I highly recommend you take a look at “Need You”, “Coming Over” and “What’s your Name” to get a little taste of what’s to be expected at the end of Saturday in the Key Arena!

BIG WILD: Jackson Stell, also know as Big Wild, produces music that goes hand in hand with his name; loud, groovy, atmospheric, and untameable. Also beginning at a young age, his music career finally took off after his girlfriend took him to Big Sur in LA and his mindset, name, and motivation changed forever. He had never seen a landscape quite like that, being born and raised in the simple state of Massachusetts. He decided in that moment, he wanted to make his music bigger and more adventurous. His performance at Capitol Hill Block party was funky, fresh, and uplifting, another one I can personally vouch for. Witness the magic that is Big Wild at the Key Arena directly before Dillon Francis; I recommend killing two birds with one stone by staying for both performances!

LORDE: She may not be 45 year old male geologist living in Colorado as South Park may have informed you, but the 20-year-old young lady sure knows how to sing. With one of her first single, “Team” landing her number three on the US Billboard 200, her career quickly took off, with features on many well known tracks including ones produced by Sam Smith, Disclosure, A-Trak, and Major Lazer. Her performances are quirky, easy to groove to, and down right sexy. I know I’ll be running back and forth between Dillon and her Saturday night; where will you be?


LOUIS THE CHILD: Their name may be childish, but their music is everything but. Robby Hauldren and Freddy Kennett, also known as the duo, Louis the Child, initially met at a concert, and continued to bond inside of a DJ Club at the school they went to called New Trier’s. Since then, they began producing music similar to that of Odesza and Madeon; easily moveable and groove-able to. As someone who has yet to see such a talented duo, I won’t be missing them on Sunday in Key Arena at 7:45, and you shouldn’t either.

VINCE STAPLES: There’s EDM, alternative, and all sorts of other mainstream artists that we get the pleasure of seeing in the beautiful city of Seattle this weekend. But one artist brings a little bit of good old hip hop to the stage; one who’s been featured on a variety of tracks and albums, ranging from Flume, to Mac Miller, to the Odd Future label. His name is Vince Staples, and from feedback I’ve seen and heard, he’s not a performance you want to miss. His unique voice and dope wording will keep you head bobbing and body rolling the entire time. He’s blessing us Washingtonians on Sunday at 6:50 in the Key Arena, and he is not an artist you’ll want to skip out on.

ODESZA: I’m sure everyone has that ONE artist they could see a million times and never get tired of them. They play their albums on repeat, buy all the merchandise, comment and like every single post, and constantly remind everyone that they really ARE their number one fan. For me, and I’m sure for a lot of local washington music fans, Odesza is that artist. They began as a local washington group who blew up from playing for house parties at Western Washington University to playing at Coachella, Lightning in a Bottle, and now HEADLINING at Bumbershoot. When I say they are a one-of-a-kind show to witness, believe me. Not only do they play most of their music live on stage, they also have visuals that, similar or Flume, will captivate your mind and body. End your Sunday Funday getting down at the Main Stage with Odesza beginning at 9:20 PM sharp.




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