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Boris Brejcha | Unpeeling the Mask of a Music Innovator | #HNTT

by Aimee Rivas

German DJ and Producer Boris Brejcha is having one hell of a year. His debut North American Tour is kicking off this week with many of the shows already sold out. He also just released a new track on Ultra Music Happinezz”, a driving emotive song which is bound to be a club favorite. He is in super high demand and his sets are extremely impressive, to say the least. 

Brejcha has always been into music starting at a young age learning the drums and keyboards and then moving into DJing and producing. Breaking out into the world of Djing in 2006, he’s gone by a variety of alias but always kept the consistent ambition for experimentation in his sets. His sound is hard to pinpoint, but he chooses to call it “High-Tech Minimal”. No matter what genre you place him in his sets are without a doubt always spellbinding, dramatic, and bangin!

He is another level of amazing. His performance at the Grand Palais for Cercle was outstanding, he had the crowd mesmerized throughout the entirety of his set. His ability to seamlessly fuse together his tracks are exceptional. If you haven’t checked out this two-hour mix, it is a MUST!

Boris Brejcha at Grand Palais for Cercle | via Cercle

In 2015, Brejcha established his record label and booking agency Fckng Serious along with best buds Ann Clue and Dennis Bul. The label focuses on Techno and Minimal but like his own music, they go in many directions and they give their artists the ability to explore new sounds. In 2017, Fckng Serious was the first electronic music label to do a European Bus Tour which was extremely successful, and their second bus tour had all sold-out shows.

After an unbelievable 2016, which included the release of “22” Brejcha’s fifth album which in my opinion is a start to finish gem. Each track shows off his producing talent and his knack for experimentation, Moondancer is remarkable. It has a hypnotic driving bassline and an air-like quality to the melody that blends together perfectly. Following the release of this album, he created his own monumental tour “Boris Brejcha Showcase” which featured his tracks synced with phenomenal visuals and his now very famous mask.

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He booked his very first Tomorrowland in 2018 as well as Exit Festival and Time Warp. It seemed like 2018 was the pinnacle of success for Brejcha but things were only heating up! His tenacity for his craft has paid off big time. He is now a dominant force all across the world, he is in high demand with major bookings and sold-out shows. He was just released for the most illustrious Techno festival in the U.S., Movement. Detroit, you aren’t ready!

Grab your tickets to see Boris Brejcha at Movement 2020 HERE!

Movement 2020
Movement 2020 Teaser | Click here for tickets!

Boris Brejcha: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

*Featured Photo | via Artist FB*

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