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Fresh Music - Listen - August 4, 2016

Bobby Puma puts a Club-Friendly Twist on Calvin Harris and Rihanna’s “This is What You Came For”, and we’re loving it!


The genre-defying DJ and producer Bobby Puma, a San Francisco local favorite, is taking the dance music scene by storm. This year his tracks “Deeper Than Love” and his hot collaboration with Tiesto, “Making Me Dizzy”, remain dancefloor fillers. Bobby Puma returns with yet another big-name track, this time a remix of Calvin Harris and Rihanna “This is What You Came For”, his interpretation of the track adds a touch of electro and a growling bassline, giving it a more club-friendly vibe.

Bobby Puma is not a producer whose sound is easily classified – he has proved his talent for versatility by varying his music from groovy progressive house, like “Deeper Than Love” or “Come Alive” to the electro-influenced, hard-hitting house of “Making Me Dizzy”. In the modern dance music scene, the dynamic ability to create innovative music that blurs lines between genres is essential to a producer’s success and longevity. Bobby Puma has proved that he has what it takes to become a major player in the industry. Bobby Puma’s remix of “This is What You Came For” is available now via online retail and digital download sites, or simply click HERE

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