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BLACK is back in NYC

BLACK as Peggy Gou’s Techno Heart

by MIke Ciro

BLACK is an art and music project that has established a residency in NYC since 2013. It was created by MATTE, a creative agency and production company located in Manhattan, whose primary focus is based on culture and content creation. Aside from NYC, BLACK has established a residency in Mexico City as well. The project has been nothing short of a success and has brought some amazing lineups in recent years. In terms of musical talent, its focus seems to be between the genres of House and Techno, or anything creatively in between.

Peggy Gou is arguably the hottest act on the lineup, for her name is making one hell of a commotion in the Electronic Dance Music industry. Her style is best described as being on the experimental side of Deep House, showing some minimal and Tech House influence. Since her first North American tour in 2017, Peggy has quickly shot to the top of the industry. She has performed at major festivals including Glastonbury and Coachella since then, as well as performed at an exorbitant number of clubs worldwide.

Marcel Dettmann is recognized as a key influence in the growth and history of Techno music. Best known for his longtime residency at world-famous club Berghain since 2004, he has been a staple to the Techno community of Berlin since the early 90s and his presence is still strong today. Detmann’s performances reflect a strong interest in the integration of visual art and Techno, which sits perfectly with the vision of BLACK.

Despite the misleading name, DMX Krew is actually not a crew and only consists of one musical genius. This man’s name is Edward Upton and deserves more recognition with so many names in the world of Electronic Dance Music. His style is the epitome of variety and is reluctant to be tied down by any single genre. Electro, Techno, and Breakbeat seem to be the main components of his work.

The remainder of the lineup showcases a fresh blend of House and Techno, including Sol Ortega, Ace MoMa, Turtle Bugg, and Chloe Caillet. BLACK will take place on April 18 at the Knockdown Center and is sure to wreak havoc on the city of New York. Despite the current COVID-19 epidemic, this event has not yet been rescheduled or postponed and hopefully, it stays that way. I advise you to purchase your tickets sooner than later. Get it while it’s hot they say! BLACK is back to turn NYC to darkness.

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