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Beyond Wonderland 2019

Beyond Wonderland 2019 | Five Artists Not to Miss!

by Meag Bo

Insomniac brings Beyond Wonderland to the NOS Events Center in San Bernardino, CA. Fall down the rabbit hole with me on the 22nd & 23rd of March. Once again, Insomniac is lighting up our lives with a full house of incredible artists! As we all know, it’s hard to make your way around an entire festival and see every artist, so I’m here to tell you which 5 I’m definitely not missing.


First up is DJ CRAY, aka Cheney Ray, which is commonly mistaken as crazy for short. Little do you know, CRAY is a childhood nickname. She used the nickname when she first started learning to DJ and gaming on Twitch to introduce her musical style. Currently based in Los Angeles, and originally from Vancouver, CRAY spends her time being a normal chick who has a sock collection, spends time with her cat, and enjoys tacos. In October 2018 she released ‘Fractions’, and in April ‘Peaches’ which were a perfect example of why we need to watch what’s coming next. For those reasons and more, I hope you join me at her set! Stay tuned for my upcoming #WCW post on this gem.

Seven Lions

Second on my schedule is Seven Lions, aka Jeff Montalvo. His appearance at this year’s festival was first announced at Countdown NYE. What I love about Montalvo is he’s always true to himself and his vision. At times, that may include some serious musical rule breaking. However, as a multi-talented artist and forward thinker he is working hard to change the game. I had the opportunity to see him at Escape Psycho Circus this last year. I stayed from start to finish, which is rare for me. One can only hope for the same at Beyond Wonderland.


My middle child coming in at number three is Rezz. At the ripe old age of 22, she is far from a baby in the game. With sold out shows, a full album and multiple EP’s this lady is blowing us all away with her skills. It is clear that spending time at home studying sound design and psychology have truly paid off for her. Raining down from Niagara Falls, this little lady is one to watch; you cannot miss her in her trendsetting signature circular light up goggles. Those googles happen to be the pair perfectly with any Beyond Wonderland outfit.


Number four is going to leave you wanting more. It just so happens that proof was in the pudding at Audien‘s set at Academy Los Angeles. As otherworldly as his hometown of Mystic, CT, he started his music career in 2008, and truly commands the stage. Just three short years ago he was dreaming of the life he is currently living. Audien truly cares for the quality of his live performances, which is why he is in my top five for Beyond!

Wax Motif

Last, but certainly not least, is my number five Wax Motif. He is prominent in the G-House genre, and kills it! Not satisfied with that, he’s an artist who’s constantly striving to improve. With many top dogs behind him including A-Trak’s Fool’s Gold Records, and Steve Aoki’s Dem Mak Records, he won’t disappoint. As an artist who’s perpetually improving, you can expect great new music from Wax Motif this year. We can only hope he will bless our ears with new sounds at the festival!

These are MY top five artists to see at Beyond Wonderland, but there are many others I’ll be running off to catch! Don’t forget the card game that’s still going on around the city of Los Angeles at various Insomniac sponsored events. I can’t wait to see all you little bunnies hopping around at Beyond Wonderland this year. If you happen to catch up to me, make sure to say hi!

Beyond Wonderland Lineup 2019
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