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Ben Gold’s Upcoming Album Is Filled With Music That We’ll Cherish For The ‘Rest Of Our Lives’

by Nadine Pasterczyk

Trance music almost always portrays a sort of journey throughout its musical composure and Ben Gold’s upcoming album is no exception to this rule. ‘Rest Of Our Lives’ transports listeners to a realm of pure bliss and the soundscapes bring out some of Ben’s deepest emotions. If you want a chance to hear the album in advance and attend the album release party at Armada Music’s HQ in Amsterdam, click here for a chance to win!

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Additionally, we here at FMF were fortunate enough to have a chat with Ben Gold himself about his upcoming album, ‘Rest Of Our Lives’. Take a look below to see what he had to say!

FMF: We’re all very excited about your upcoming album — ‘Rest Of Our Lives’. So please, tell us a little about the inspiration behind the album?

Ben Gold: The vision for the project was to write an album that was a true reflection of who I am as an artist and where I am in my life journey. As life evolved and presented new challenges, the album evolved with it, but it always retained its melodic, uplifting, and energetic identity and I hope that anyone who listens to this album will feel that, both old and new fans! 

Knowing that the beautiful island of Ibiza has a place in this album’s creation. What spots on the island would you say helped spark some of that creativity?

The apartment where I stayed for a month had a balcony overlooking the sunset strip, and Cafe Del Mar and Cafe Mambo were my neighbours. Just looking out at the ocean and at Cafe del Mar and Cafe Mambo gave me so much energy, it’s hard to put into words. Everyday I would go for a run along the coastline thinking about what I was going to work on that day, and how I would go about it, kinda like a planning-session. Just being in Ibiza gave me so much inspiration. 

Having spent so much time in Ibiza, what have been some of your best memories from your times in Ibiza; old and new?

Playing at Cream at Amnesia are some of my best memories as a DJ; there is something truly special and magical about that venue. Most recently spending a month there to write this album. 

The album has quite a variance of sounds; from the soothing balearic sound of ‘Llévame A La Playa’ to the highly energetic ‘Ultrasonic’ and the pure classic sound of ‘Nostalgia’ to the modern vocal uplifter of ‘Rest Of Our Lives’. If you had to choose, which tune is your favorite?

That’s a hard question; each record has its own story. ‘Rest Of Our Lives’ and ‘Same Sky Same Stars’ were written in back to back writing sessions the week before the very first lockdown back in March 2020. These two records were the foundation for the album, and both mean something personally. They all mean something to me, on a deeper level, but if I had too, I would pick ‘Rest Of Our Lives’. 

Spoiler alert, I’ve got the title track down as my Tune Of The Year so far for 2022. But the entire album is an immaculate piece of art. So, what are some of the most important pieces that you’ve instilled in the production of this album?

The melodies are the most important piece of each production; they create the feeling. Choosing the right sound for the melody to shine as bright as it can; this creates the vibe. Finally, how each record feels the same, sonically.

I know a lot goes into the production of an album. What is the most challenging part of putting an album together and what is the most gratifying part?

My production process is split into 3 parts; Composition, Creative, Completion. In the first part of the process, it’s all about the “Composition”; the melody. When the melody is ready, the next step is “Creative”. During “Creative”, the melody will become a demo (to play live in my DJ sets) before turning into a full production prior to “Completion”; the last step of the production process. I know this process as The 3 C’s. Each process brings new challenges, and the most challenging is being in the right headspace to complete the next step. The most pleasing part of producing any record is overcoming an obstacle; there were a fair few of those along the way, but I got there and I wouldn’t change a thing! 

Is there anything else you’d like to say to your fans?

I didn’t release any music in the 10 months leading up to the first single; ‘Xtravaganza’ so thank you for your patience and a bigger thank you for the support and love on all the singles from the album. As a music lover, what attracts me to an artist or a song is how it makes me feel and with this album I wanted to channel that and write an album that is inspiring and inspires people and I hope you feel that.

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*Featured image via Ben Gold*

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