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Ben Gold Gets Vocal About Vocal Trance

by Nadine Pasterczyk

Music is meant to be moving and nothing moves the soul more than the power of Vocal Trance. Ben Gold is one of our favorite trance artists and has plenty of experience when it comes to moving listeners with his own records. So who better to ask than the master himself — what are 10 of your top vocal trance tunes?!

Well, we have the answer for you right here!

Ben Gold & SIVAN – ‘Stay (Sneijder Remix)’

I almost fell off my chair when I was sent this vocal. It’s deep and meaningful and so beautiful all at the same time. The Sneijder remix is a fantastic version of it and always goes down a storm out on the road.

Ben Gold & Zoe Lowe – ‘The City Sleeps Tonight’

I had so much fun writing this song. It was one of those tracks where everything comes together perfectly and you know straight away that you’re onto something special. It didn’t surprise me so many people said it was their favourite from the ‘Sound Advice: Chapter 2’ album. 

Armin van Buuren & Haliene – ‘Song I Sing (Ben Gold Remix)’

Haliene has such an incredible voice; it really lends itself to that feeling of euphoric trance. I loved working on this remix — I was really happy Armin van Buuren asked me to take it on. The outcome was exactly what I wanted and the feedback has been huge from it.

Armin van Buuren & Sharon Den Adel – ‘In and Out Of Love’

This is just an absolute Armin classic — everyone knows it, everyone sings along to it and it never gets old. One of my favorite Armin tunes and always a go-to in my track selection.

Aly & Fila & Jwaydan – ‘We Control The Sunlight’

Trance, Trance and more Trance. Aly & Fila totally doing the business yet again, getting that perfect balance between driving rhythm and a spine-tingling vocal line.

Delirium & Sarah McLachlan – ‘Silence (Tiësto Remix)’

I just love everything about this record. It’ll probably go down in time as one of the greatest trance remixes of all time. The vocal, the melody, those tripping snares and the production, it’s all so instantly recognizable. The way Tiësto teases it and draws it out for the dance floor is sheer perfection. 

Paul Oakenfold & Carla Werner – ‘Southern Sun (Tiësto Remix)’

Another Tiësto masterpiece that gives me goosebumps every time. So unique sounding, I haven’t heard a record like this one since. If you don’t get shivers to this one, go check your pulse because something’s wrong.

Motorcycle – ‘As The Rush Comes’

Everyone who has been on a dance floor when their favourite record is played can relate to this. Everyone who has been on a trance dance floor knows this track. Never grows old.

John O’Callaghan & Audrey Gallagher – ‘Big Sky’

More Trance. Trance and more Trance. John O’Callaghan puts such a fierce pace and rhythm underneath Audrey Gallagher’s vocals. Her voice is so perfect for trance, the way it hangs there on the high notes, floating and quivering, it just adds to the overall vibe of the single. 

Ben Gold & Audrey Gallagher – ‘There Will Be Angels’

This one started out as a metal record, then turned into an acoustic one, then finally into a trance record. I personally love the balance of live instruments and trance production. I think it works incredibly well and gives the single a real depth of flavour and dimension. And again, Audrey’s vocal — such a gift to have her voice on any track.

*Featured image via Ben Gold*

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