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common ground

As Above, So Beyond #Commonground

by Jennifer Fall

I could barely contain my excitement waking up Friday Morning for Above and Beyond’s Common Ground Tour! It was “Rex Manning Day” (look it up youngins), and Above & Beyond was playing in Indianapolis. I had a big group coming in from all over the Midwest to meet for the first time and then watch the show. Many of whom it was their first A&B show. Most who had no idea what they were getting themselves into, but followed the hype with pure faith.

One of my last to arrive friends remarked that I had 6 different states accounted for in my driveway. If that isn’t the start of a wonderful evening, then I don’t know what is. I set up the proper sleeping arrangements, pre-gamed, and headed out to the show in a caravan that would have put most Hollywood entourages to shame.

If you have been inducted into the Anjuna Family already, then you know that A&B is all about supporting each other, love, and friendship. When the words “Don’t be afraid to tell someone you love them” spread across the screen, I felt whole. I hugged my Ultra Rave Mom (finally found a rave mom instead of being one) and rode the rail for the entire set. Reminded me of the group hug my ABGT250 friends and I spent most of the set in. And yes, they did play my “Sun and Moon,” among many other favorites from their new Common Ground album. They chose the cutest little girl to push the button, and at that moment I knew that everything was meant to be as it was. Nothing can bring a city together like Above & Beyond. The only thing I wish is that I had a longer amount of time with each person who joined the festivities. (Thank you all for making the drive, and allowing me to host such a beautiful experience).

I asked one of my best friends who was relatively new to electronic music what her take on the evening was. We both travel the country festing together, and she had her first taste of an electronic music fest this past year at Imagine. I went solely for Planet of the Drums, but absolutely insisted that she joined our mutual friend for Above & Beyond instead. I’ll never feel more torn in a headliner timeslot then I did at that moment. Thankfully at more intimate venues, you can live in the moment much more so than at a festival where more scheduling is necessary.

“This being my second time seeing Above & Beyond, I found myself looking forward to being amongst Anjuna Family in a more intimate setting. I would have to say that I started feeling that before we even entered the venue, many, many blocks away. Finally getting there just amplified it for me. LOVE. It’s what struck me the hardest. I was honestly surprised at how emotional I was tonight moving with all of these beautiful souls and grateful to be reminded of all the love that I have in my life. It was a grand therapy session.” Jennifer Howard Indianapolis, IN.

Many of you have sent messages asking about that elusive button. I have at least 2 more chances this year. As I write this, I am en route to EDC Mexico, and looking back on the experience of last week, and now the promise of this week… well… the universe will provide that moment to the person who deserves/needs it the most! I did get to push the only button that really mattered to me at the after party, surrounded by my 3 favorite local DJs. I almost couldn’t believe I was at a trance after-party in Indianapolis, and everyone came out for an old school meets new school midwest raver reunion. When “Heaven Scent” was played, I looked around the room and realized something, I have taken the last two years to travel and expand my horizons, but perhaps moments I was searching for were at home all along. I look forward to seeing my lovely Anjuna Family at the next Common Ground Tour Stop.

Above and Beyond

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