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CONFIRMED Anjuna Weekend at the Gorge Amphitheater 😲 | My Favorite Label at My Favorite Venue?!? SWOON!

by Tigerlily

Ever since ABGT250 took place September 2017 at the Gorge, rumors have been floating around that the boys want to return for an Anjuna weekend.  I mean, who wouldn’t LOVE performing at the Gorge Amphitheater? Then they released that image of the United States with the Anjuna label over the Pacific Northwest on Instagram to really get us all buzzing.  On top of Jason Ross releasing his new track The Gorge?!? Well, it looks like all those little birdies that have been talking about how the boys have put inquiries into booking the Gorge are right! AND NOW IT’S BEEN CONFIRMED! The boys dropped a HUGE hint January 24th (see below). Sounds like my little birdies were right!

Personally, I’m hoping each side of the label gets their own day.  One for Anjunabeats and one for Anjunadeep, just like 250, which would make it an entire Anjuna Weekend.  This is exactly what all of us Anjunafam have been hoping and praying for!

Now, if you didn’t make it to Above & Beyond’s Group Therapy 250 in September of 2017, well I’ll tell ya, it was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.  And nothing I’ve done since has come close to touching the vibes that weekend. The rave community loves to talk about PLUR, but nobody exemplifies this as much as Anjunafam.  We spread love, kindness and joy, and we walk the walk when it comes to PLUR.

One of my best friends drove out to ABGT250 from Portland without a ticket, and before she arrived at the Gorge, Anjunafam had given her one for free.  Simply because they couldn’t make it. All they wanted was for someone else to enjoy it in their place. So when I say that the vibes at Anjuna events, and especially the benchmark events, are unmatched, I can give examples ad nauseum.

While we’re all waiting for more info and tickets to drop, check out the ABGT250 video, our photo gallery from the event, and whether it’s your first time you’ve seen the recap video, or like me, my 18th time… or whatever… it’s still phenomenal and makes me smile!  I’ll be dreaming of an Anjuna weekend with my dream team dropping gorgeous, heart-rending, and soul-healing tracks. To say that I’m excited to do another Anjunatrip with my Anjunafam for an Anjunaweekend at The Gorge doesn’t give credit to my level of anticipation.

Anjuna Weekend at The Gorge
Anjuna Weekend at The Gorge July 2019!!!! | Photo Via Above & Beyond FB Page

*Featured Image Via @Anjunabeats *

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