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Local and Regional - January 12, 2019

Anjunabeats in Texas?!? | Something BIG Is In the Works

Aimee Rivas


Is Texas getting Anjunabeats this year?!?

Texas Trance Fam, where you at?! The buzz around the interwebs is massive! Austin’s production company RealMusic Events has been teasing all week that something HUGE for the Texas trance scene is being announced on Monday. The suspense has been killing me since I saw the tweet earlier this week!  

Adding more fuel to the fire, Anjunabeats announced they are releasing some BIG news for the US and Canada on Monday! Coincidence, well maybe.  But when RealMusic Events reposts the Anjunabeats info, our predictions go into overdrive!

Are we going to see the announcement of the 2019 date for the second Anjunadeep Open Air Festival? Anjunadeep Open Air Austin took place in early June 2018 with an unforgettable lineup featuring Eli & Fur, Luttrell, Moon Boots, Yotto and more. This single day festival was outstanding, to say the least. Perfect weather, tunes, vibe, and energy!

Or is this announcement going to be completely different? Is Anjunabeats planning their own Central Texas festival? One can only wish, hope, and pray!

Anjunadeep Open Air worked so well last year, I don’t see why they wouldn’t. The Open Air series toured the globe in 2018, playing at some of the most unique outdoor venues. If Anjunabeats puts their own spin on the Open Air shows, I might literally explode from excitement (sorry super Anjunafan here)!

Whatever RealMusic Events and Anjuna Headquarters have up their sleeve, it will no doubt be phenomenal! We’ll all just have to stew over the weekend and anxiously await their statements to put all our rumors to bed!

Anjunadeep Austin Open Air 2018
Anjunadeep Austin Open Air 2018 | Photo Via Clark Terrell Photos

*Featured Image Via Clark Terrell Photos*